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Brian Ekendahl Cheaters

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I have known this guy for quite a while, and I have stumbled upon quite a bit of his “secret” life. He looks for women on the internet, only dating the “fragile” ones. he looks for women who are at a fragile time in their lives, those who are coming off of a ended relationship, overweight women who have poor self esteem, 40+ year old women who are lonely, and single moms of small children who are honestly looking for a real relationship. he is surrounded by women that he has met on the net, all of them do not realize his intentions, none of them know about each other. the closet that he came to a realtionship was 3 years ago when he was in a 6 week long relationship with a woman with 2 small boys that lived 1 hour away in a near by city. he never introduced her to his family, and he never introduced her to his friends. he broke up with her over the phone when she wanted him to meet her parents at Thanksgiving. he takes the women that he meets to Applebees, and then out to a movie. he does this a few times and then he sleeps with them, after that he dumps them like a bad habit. he claims to be a sweet, gentle, laid back guy. but he has a HUGE anger management problem. When he gets upset he gets hostile and becomes scary, he can’t control his stress and many people around him feel that he could possibly hurt some one some day. He has an odd attraction for teenaged girls. not that I know if he has ever been with one, but he jokes about it alot… so that is sick enough. I also wouldn’t trust him to be alone with any small child. his abnormal desire to date, and bed single mothers of small children leads me to believe that he is a closet pedaphiliac, there have been too many instances where he has baby-sat a little girl of a previous lover and the little girl is so afraid of him that she will cry if left alone in a room with him. also, he has been involved with a number of women who are either married, or who are in relationships. I know of 2 married women who he has been with, and one young woman who was in a commited relationship while seeing him. He looks for women on s*x-sites that live in or around the Milwaukee/Chicago area, so be careful if you live in these areas.

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First Name: Brian
Middle Name:
Last Name: Ekendahl
Category: Cheaters


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