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Brian Colby Miller, Al Miller, Lisa Gomez Miller, 303 Geneseo St, Apt A Lafayette CO Cheaters

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Date: 9:20 am

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Brian Miller has been f*****g me for about two years and his dad Al Miller wanted to join in but A is disabled and only has one leg and was acting very strange. I thought is was bizarre a 62 year old man wanted to f**k a 24 year old with his son but Al said he liked Mexican women and anybody eas better then his wife Pam. He said he wasn’t getting s*x at home at all and he wanted a threesome with me and Brian so we went for it but then Brian says he has herpes and I am mad at him because I think I got the herpes also now. Al his dad jes laugh saying he had STDs and thats all he expected from cheap shores like me. Brian will f**k me anywhere but mostly in my car and when he can get away from his wife Lisa Gomez. She is the one that gave the herpes to Brian. Then she had a baby and now Brian says he don’ thave time for f*****g me anymore I just wanted to wrn all the people out there about this guy i loved f*****g Brian i loved his c**k deep inmy p***y

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First Name: Brian
Middle Name: Colby
Last Name: Miller, Al Miller, Lisa Gomez Miller, 303 Geneseo St, Apt A Lafayette CO
Category: Cheaters


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