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Brandon Horsey, Merchantville, New Jersey Cheaters

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Date: 9:37 pm

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I met this Brandon Horsey about a year ago at work. He was pretty nice and funny but It was kind of strange how we always went out to eat or my place but never his own place. Our brief relationship lasted about 8 months but towards the end I found out he was in a relationship with Jasmine Blalock and so I broke it off with him. This Brandon Horsey has s*x with his co-workers at American Tire Distributors in the company trucks in the parking lot, where he is employed as a truck driver … I bet he can service alot of customers!!!

Brandon Horsey
Merchantville, New Jersey

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Cheater Details

First Name: Brandon
Middle Name: Horsey,
Last Name: Merchantville, New Jersey
Category: Cheaters


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