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Bigamist Navy man cheater Cheaters

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Bredell Richardson aka Charles , Thomas, Jon, William or Adam and last name could be Knight, Richardson, Williamson, Williams and many more! He is from Greenville Mississippi, been living in Tampa Florida area for over 13 years and also travels to Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, Seattle, California and New York with the Navy. He is married to Jennifer Richardson but he also secretly married Julie White Ericsson before he left for his last deployment. He has been with another of his children’s mother . Nicole for 13 years and he also had a six year relationship with me (Courtney) and I have his one year old daughter. So for 14 years let’s break it down
-Married to Jennifer for over 10 years but separated but still sleeping with her and has two boys
– has a girlfriend Nicole for 13 years and two baby girls with her
– Last six years had a relationship with Julie and proposed to her and secretly married her in August
-Last six years in a full relationship with me and I have a baby girl one year old with him
– he denies it and threatens us all so he don’t lose his career . Julie and Jennifer don’t have a clue about me and Nicole . He is sick and g*d knows if he has other relationships or kids. If you know him please report him and run as fast as you can

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Cheater Details

First Name: Bigamist
Middle Name: Navy
Last Name: man cheater
Category: Cheaters


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