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Beware of Jamie Grantham in Midland, TX Predators and Perverts

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Date: 7:07 am

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I am writing this post to warn women about a man named Jamie Grantham who is currently residing in Odessa, TX. He is a truck driver. He is originally from Petal Mississippi.
I have met this guy on several dating websites. He has hit me up for several times. I have explained to this man several times that I do not go around sleeping with people. I am looking for a relationship. This man really loses his temper when you won’t have s*x with him and goes a little psycho. It’s kind of scary. In fact if you tell this man no on anything he gets super mad. He has a bad temper.
I ended up also finding out in the process that he was also currently living with a woman. He also has a criminal record for breaking and entering.
I just want to warn women before anything bad happens about this guys temper and how he is about s*x. If you are alone with him and tell him no with his temper, you might find yourself in a horrible situation. He doesn’t understand what no is and takes it very personally.

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First Name: Beware
Middle Name: of
Last Name: Jamie Grantham in Midland, TX
Category: Predators and Perverts

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  1. Posted By: Josh
    Date: December 29, 2020 10:39 am

    Lady there is a reason he is in West Texas and not back at his home. Not only is breaking and entering on his record but this man stole 85K in timber from kids. Stay far away…..

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