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Beth Burgess Oklahoma artist, cheater, crazy woman Cheaters

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Beth Burgess dated someone who used to be close to me and she wanted to use him to hurt someone else who used to be close to me so we had to put a bullet in the relationship like a rabid dog to get her out of our lives and his. She was the easiest person ever to manipulate along with him, she dated him for close to two years and in a matter of a few days we put the relationship down and got her away from him. I have all his journals and her letters to him and will be posting excerpts from them because it is imperative for everyone to know just how f****d up this girl is. I will post the quotes word for word only leaving out names that might be mentioned and as I plan on doing a website soon related to this I will later post the site and it will contain everything and as she has made herself a public figure all legal I might add and truthful as I have the journals and her emails to him and her letters so totally truthful. ” on three occasions we went out and upon returning home she said she wanted to pee on me and it really threw me off especially the first time it never came to fruition but I did research it a little and it disturbed me what I found out and from what I understood for most women it was to degrade a man or that they hated men or had problems with men for some reason or the other and this bothered me to think that she might hate me or why would she want to do that to me I guess if it was a bonding or trust thing I would be okay with it but she seemed to be fixated on it as she told me this several times I guess it is something I would like to focus on in counseling with her in the future” That is from one of his journals and there are eight of them total. I would probably say she has issues with men due to all the other stuff we found in the journals and the fact that if you research her mom on facebook and all the post she makes she is clearly a man hater and when your raised by someone like that plus you have your own mental issues , well apple does not fall far from the tree. “in her last email to me she stated I was angry and I just do not understand that sure I could get angry at things or upset it is human nature, she told me how she assaulted her mother and punched her son during a game of basketball and claimed it was self defense I also remember her on many occasions when talking about her son and using her hands in a chocking way like she wanted to choke him , so is this not anger on her behalf it seems like it is okay for her but not for me in a lot of instances in our relationship and I just need to understand it better” Beth sounds like your not only mentally abusive but physically also to people, hmmmm. You are so not going to like the website Beth because it is going to show everyone who you really are and what you are capable of doing to people. Remember at first we were going to let you have him and tried to help you but it became all to clear that you were dangerous and you would have eventually hurt him anyway by cheating on him or just with the mental stuff you did to him which was just torturous to him. I will post again soon there is just so much in his journals to share. Beth think about this for a minute also cause I want you to know and always think about just how bad you screwed him, remember you messaged me on facebook , do you think after all the bad bullshit I said about him that I would turn around and let him come to my home and take those pics holding the sign and then do an affidavit for him and send you emails do you think I would or that he could force me to do that , no Beth I told him I was going to help him and I invited him over and your stupid to think otherwise , he did exactly as I told him especially after I gave him some pills. I did exactly what I had to do to get you out of his life and ours and it worked huh? He did take a lot of blame for stuff he did not do , one of the funniest was the facebook that she did and you were angry i guess cause you gave him a year in court on that one and the
thing you didn’t get was he never told her that stuff , he had written it in a journal that she took so he never actually told her stuff that you told him in confidence, but Beth I will because I do not and never did like you for many reasons.

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First Name: Beth
Middle Name: Burgess
Last Name: Oklahoma artist, cheater, crazy woman
Category: Cheaters


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