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Ben Isaacs Cheaters

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Comes across as very friendly and fun at first. Plays off as a victim and does what he can to make you feel sorry for him. Tells you he loves you and wants a long term relationship, then when he gets s*x out of you he will up and leave. I have seen him brag on websites about being able to ”trick” women into s*x with him. Prefers women older than himself, but isn’t fussy. A compulsive liar and makes up stories. Can be extremely spiteful. Was friends with him for ages and had a brief relationship. His views on women are very hateful, and I stopped talking to him when he began posting questions on Yahoo about how he enjoyed hitting women. He confessed to me once that he punched his Mother and Sister in the face. Is a spoilt brat. He is also a self confessed racist. Most of my contact with him was online. We only met up once so I never got to see the worst of him, however I had seen enough after the way he treated me and the way he spoke about other people. In the picture he has his head shaved, but he also had his hair long at one point. His hair is a chestnut brown colour and his clothes are goth metalhead style. He generally wears black doc martens and frequents metal venues in London, apparently having random sexual encounters with women. He even once bragged about giving women ”fake numbers” just in case he accidentally got them pregnant. AVOID.

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First Name: Ben
Middle Name:
Last Name: Isaacs
Category: Cheaters


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