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Like most predatory narcissists, Ben is a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. He very convincingly presents himself as a ‘good guy’ to mask his psychopathic tendencies. But behind closed doors he’s a cruel, sexually exploitative, emotionally abusive scumbag. In addition to being a compulsive liar, Ben is the poster boy for sexual perversion. He’s sexually aroused by women urinating on him, and he enjoys drinking urine. I believe he craves this form of humiliation because he’s a closet homosexual. He’s dedicated his entire adult life to curating a masculine public image, but in private unguarded moments, his true feminine nature comes out. His own friends casually refer to him as gay. You can find Ben obsessively prowling dating apps, looking for his next victim. He’s a coward who cons women into believing they’re in a committed relationship with him, while continuing to prey on other women on dating apps. The most important thing to remember about Ben is that he has no morals, he has no conscience, and he will tell any lie he needs to, to get what he wants from you. I don’t like to call other human beings evil. But what do you call someone who deliberately deceives women, abuses them for his own amusement, then callously discards them like trash once they’ve served their purpose? That’s Ben in a nutshell. He’s an evil, duplicitous coward. If you have the misfortune of running into this compulsive lying, pee-drinking, closet homosexual scumbag, please don’t be fooled by his charm. Get away from him as fast as you can because he will sell you a dream, then deliver a nightmare. He has absolutely nothing to offer a woman other than lies, abuse, and trauma. Ben is a phony, feminine, bottom-feeding clown, and I’m low key embarrassed to admit I got duped by a pathetic loser like him.

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First Name: Ben
Middle Name:
Last Name: Hill
Category: Cheaters


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