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B*****d Kendrick Brown Psychos

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Date: 12:53 am

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Kendrick Dewayne Brown just got paroled out of TDCJ, went right back to the streets, selling dope, using dope, and scamming people. refuses to get a job cuz he would lose his govt check. LAZY POS! he will be back in prison within a year.. He is a cheater, a liar, a thief, a slithering, slimy manipulating piece of s**t sociopath. He hustles and cons you out of money…using his 24 kids (and 8 or 9 baby mommas)…he uses his family to make up lies about needing money….he even tried to set me up to take the fall on a felony charge he had gotten. He can lie straight to your face while stabbing you in the back at the same time. Avoid this horrible dangerous POS n***a….hes a drug dealer, a pimp, and a sociopath.

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First Name: B*****d
Middle Name: Kendrick
Last Name: Brown
Category: Psychos


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