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Barry Conner Hendersonville NC USA~Liar, STD Carrier, Sorry Landlord, Deadbeat

He is a liar, cheater, scumbag who is also a terrible landlord who makes unwanted sexual advances, drops his pants and tries to make you suck it with his son in the other room. Says this is all he asks. If you say something he doesn’t like he throws your stuff out on the front lawn & illegally evicts you. He becomes physically, verbally abusive. Says if you tell anyone he will have his mob buddies bury your body somewhere & he knows how not to get caught. Finally told me he’d exposed me to an STD & that I should get tested. Said he was with several women at the same time as me. He said women are grown & know that men lie, cheat & steal. Women are old enough to know that’s what men do. He hacked into my bank account, email, ebay, paypal, blogs, hulu, amazon & social media accounts. He skypes me at all hours so it can’t be traced. He threatened to kill my aunt & other family members to get money he thought they had. He’s a convicted felon who said he hid meth assets at his dad’s & other places so DEA wouldn’t find it. He had pit bull fighting rings, said he broke a puppy’s neck, dismembered it and fed it to his boys. He’s chased foxes, dogs & other small animals into the woods and hacked them up with a machete. He’s very controlling and will gaslight a woman to keep her in line, tries to separate her from her family. He’s mentally unstable & talks constantly about govt conspiracies, Marshall law, aliens, Illuminati, Hitler, Satan, demons, building underground bunkers, dried foods, ham radio’s, special antenna’s, the end of technology & everything going back to pre Adam and Eve, dinosaur days. He goes after married women he thinks has money, women with low or battered self esteem, lonely and/or any woman he thinks will be easy to control. Refuses to do anything except sit in a chair, drink beer, smoke pot and watch movies. Any woman he gets with will have to have no interest in anything except work and being a drunk & pothead & engaging in his sick sexual fantasies & watching p**n. He says that’s only way he can get it up. You must also want an STD. He’s proud of this fact. He’s not the man he pretends to be while he plays guitar and snows the people at Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC. He’s a deadbeat, liar, cheater, scum, sorry landlord and homewrecker. Beware of Barry Gueva Conner Hendersonville, North Carolina and stay far away from him.

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