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Author: Anonymous

Darren Jones, Brisbane Australia

beware this man is a serial on-line predator, he lies about his occupation, whereabouts and past, he has unprotected s*x and has passed on std’s, he seduces women via internet dating sites and tells elaborate untrue stories about his life, he can not be trusted or believed and please avoid intimacy with him for your…

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Nya Hargan, Rockford, Illinois

Nya is a homewrecking w***e. She was my friend throughout high school and my boyfriend and I hung out with her & her boyfriend as couples and it was fun. Fast forward another year into our relationship & I find pictures/texts/he forgot to pick me up from work and his friend told me he was…

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Scott Thomas Osborne, Adelaide, Australia

This guy is fantastic in bed and makes you feel so sexy, he has a great way of giving you the impression that he has the potential to be a fantastic partner……great cook, very funny, very intelligent and a mother who will back him up as well…..then when hes moved in and comfy the cracks…

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