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Author: Anonymous

Jason Jaghori, Ashburn, Virginia

Well, i’m OCD, I was scared of drinking water for six months because i thought that someone was poisoning me, i pick at scabs on my head, i’ve been known to use Q-tips in my ears until they bleed cause then “I know i’ve cleaned it goddammit.” I have ADHD, i will say incredibly retarded…

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Robert Gall JR, Wexford, Pennsylvania

He is a complete control freak, he claims to want a woman who has her life together but all he really wants is a submissive housewife who should be seen and not heard. He thinks he is all that and believes himself to be a great catch. If you were to ask him how his…

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Krista Ramirez, Des Moines, Iowa

This woman is a real peice of work…… She has had 4 children, the first she gave up for adoption (Lucky kid) the other three DHS removed from her home over 6 years ago. She was horribly abusive to them and the man she was living with at the time. He has the children (They…

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