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Author: Anonymous


Narcissists are always abusers because it’s all about them and they inherited the old sociopath name but it’s the same line of work. The one I know lives in Austin, TX has the initials of RCD and is a classic piece of trash. No matter how much you do for him, or others like him,…

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Ashley Dawn Stephens Aka Bubbles

She’s been in jail multiple times and she’s in on a site for hookers . Her husband left her . raises the fat dumb tards kids . She’s a con thief and liar and never can keep a job and owns guns and even has stolen many selling them. She lives a life online…

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Matt Money Penny Cross Lanes

Here’s the deal with this disgusting moron . He’s a liar and cheats on women all the time . Plays the victim. Talks about his military career and friends. He never even respected Nate after he died. He lies to women all the time and is 38 living with mommy and daddy for some reason…

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Kevin Herrick — Louisville, Kentucky

Ladies run far far away! This man got me pregnant in April .. He immediately ran.. He tormented me first saying I wasn’t preg the. When he saw I was claimed it couldn’t be his.. Then found out conception and decided I did it on purpose.. I was on depo and another medication that can…

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Dustin Johnson — Rochester, New York

Rampantly manipulative, loves to corner female coworkers, ridiculously clingy about texts, known to say things like “Don’t ever say you’re trying to help, because nothing could be farther from the truth.”, “I’m not letting you leave until we finish talking about this.” and “If you talk to other people about this, I’m not coming into…

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