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Author: Anonymous

Catrina Graham — Oakhurst, California

Catrina Graham and baby daddy, John Davis used to be f**k buddies. That was until Catrina Graham spotted another d**k she wanted to bounce on; then, bye-bye baby daddy, hello c***s of the world! whores welcome, sorry girlfriends. She likes to get around and try them out for size, see how much money they are…

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Joshua Gabel Perez

Joshua and I were together for over a year for which he played a double life. This man got into my child’s life and was really “the one “ for me…. until I discovered he had been cheating with men and women for a very long time and denied it. He became financially, verbally, emotionally,…

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David Herzweig — Astoria, Oregon

Admitted cheating the week his grandma died, good for him to wait till after she kicked the bucket. I suspected him cheating after seeing some e-mails and he would always say he would never cheat and he didn’t want to be like his father cuz his father cheated on his mom but he is the…

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Nadine Henson /Foster

She’s 65 and a homeless druggie. She sleeps with men and women.She’s mentally ill.She gets on dating sites looking for men to care for her.She is total trash and has girls hooker out for her . One’s just 17. She’s a fu##ing low life ugly fat old crusty mentally insane pos hoe and thinks she’s…

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