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Author: Anonymous

Duane Doherty — Hawthorne, New York

Duane Doherty, dab 03/17/1976, Hawthorne, NY is a cheater, liar, and abuser. He cheated on his long term girlfriend, gave her STDs, physically, and emotionally abused her. He will lie, refuse to allow you to show up at his home, he will hide what he’s doing on his phone and social media, will hide any…

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Sadie Ann Sims — Kansas City, Kansas

She tried to break up a marriage. She couldn’t. Then claimed she was pregnant when she has 3 kids that she does not have custody of. She wants to talk s**t about how he’s always gonna look for her in everything for the rest of his life. When in reality he saw her true colors…

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Scott Wantroba — Illinois

Ok, so you women don’t really care what I post. You all must prepare yourself for what’s about to happen. I warned you, I really tried to warn you or even contact you to no avail. With all the information I have been fun watching everyone go down. I don’t have anything else to do…

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Jeremy Dean Cudzewicz — Garland, Arkansas

Jeremy Cudzewicz cheated on me with a man. I have never been so mortified of catching something than before. He was always dirty and got me hooked on prescription pills so I guess I overlooked his hygiene issues but when I noticed he had feces on the front of his underwear and not just in…

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