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Author: Anonymous

Ryan Mondoley is a rapist!

Ryan Mondoley is a rapist who currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada UPDATE: He is apparently no longer in Las Vegas but moves from town to town on the West Coast. His contact information of this page remains the same. Another update: He is unable to keep a steady job because he gets fired after…

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Damien Trites — Massachusetts

Damien Trites is one sick piece of s*** of have known this s*** bag a good 20 years. I had no idea he was a pedophile. I would attribute this to a mental illness. I know when he was a kid he spent a year in juvenile detention from what I understand he was property…

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Madison Snodgrass — Wichita, Kansas

She’s a little shy until she wants to f**k your brother or the best friend of her boyfriend or your husband; then, Madison comes out of her shell and f***s without protection. She’s a mommy to a little dumpling she had with her ex best friends husband. She’s starting to overcome the shyness and her…

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Michelle Flynn — Huber Heights, Ohio

Michelle Flynn is a Manager at Domino’s Pizza and she goes by the name of Michelle Rose. Beware of Michelle Flynn is a bad tenant. Do not rent to this woman!! She has people living there that are not on the lease. We were horrified to see the condition of the home. she is very…

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