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Austin Hunter Ball Cheaters

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Please beware of this guy!!! I wish I hadn’t believed all his lies. He lies about everything and I mean everything!!! He is currently married but claims to be going through a messy divorce. No paperwork has been filed. He lies about not having kids but has a 6 yr old daughter and his wife is currently pregnant. He has Genital Herpes and HPV but does not disclose his status to potential partners and denies it even if the partners find out. He has been arrested for domestic violence twice once on his father and once on his girlfriend. He has had numerous other instances of violent interactions with several people. His current legal name is Austin Ball but he also goes by Austin Alvarado which is his birth name to cover his tracks. He has multiple social media accounts with both names. He is currently residing in Jacksonville, North Carolina but is originally from Florida. I have verifiable proof of everything listed here so please feel free to post comments or questions.

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First Name: Austin
Middle Name: Hunter
Last Name: Ball
Category: Cheaters


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