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Aurora Highlands Sexual Predator Douglas R. Holberger 18391 E. Hawaii Place Aurora, CO 80017

Attention Parents in Aurora Highlands!!!

Douglas (Doug) Richard Holberger DOB June 29, 1987 was found guilty in Child Abuse & Neglect in Florida (St. Lucie County) and in Colorado (Douglas County), case #16JV47. He sexually abused a 5 year old boy and preformed multiple sexual acts in front of the boy with the boy’s mother.

Most recently, Douglas Holberger has been under investigation by Child Protective Services in Arapahoe County for sexually abusing of his 2 year old daughter. This poor little girl has been in CPS custody multiple times in 2018 and 2019.

What is also very disturbing is that Douglas Holberger has been sighted at Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver, working under questionable credentials as a nurse (RN.1646448). Please let the hospital and DORA know what you think of this pedophile and child abuser working around children and vulnerable patients.

Known associates:
Jing Xia Sutherland-Tesoriero, Chelsea Fruggiero, Evan Garcia, Hunt Vezina, Susan Holberger, Natnicha Brill, Alex Holberger, Mitchell G. Grove, Sandra L. Merrow, Shaun Moore, Raymond Ray Holberger, Ami Keefe, Rachel Merritt, Nancy Holberger, Crystal Poncet, Chloe Holberger, Emmanuel Calvin Luna, Nicole Goike, Nancy Schleider, Elizabeth Dapolite Anderson, Rachael Aguilera, Michelle Caron, Jacey Hayden, Laura Holberger, Brianna Reuter, Steven Hitt, Ayla Flickinger, Camellia Bryant, Mike Holberger, Brittany DuBois, Bobbi Lanning, Kevin Schleider, Christin Cosgrove, Rick Holberger, Lydia Velasquez, Christina Whitney, Jane Prucha Gandy, Tricia Callis, Stella Revard, Heather Graham Mullins, Jamie Seaman Richards, James Holberger, Leslie Howard, Aryana Lynae, Abed Suleiman, Luke Anderson, Mallory Tracy, George Perkins, Alisha Dauman, Jamie Kinsley, Sherry Grubner, Jo Lene, Debbie Green, Abby McPherson, Jenna Giansanti, Stacy Hull Sweeney, Sandy Holewinski, Eric Zellner, Chadia Heinz, Dolores Gaba, Alisha Dauman, Emma Grace Heywood, Christina Michelle Whitney, Nicole Voth, Johanna Job, Tyler Earll, Cynthiar Holberger, Suzanne Maher Anderson, Keith Holberger

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