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Attorney Scott A Ciolek, Toledo, OH Business

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I had the worst experience with my bankruptcy lawyer, Scott A Ciolek . I got ripped off by him and I still haven t got my money back. He is a really bad lawyer, who lies a lot to his own clients, & sabotage their cases, so he can collect money, because he loses most cases; he drops clients cases for no reason, Scott A. Ciolek is a JOKE! Horrible lawyer, he has NO staff, no secretary, cheap office. He showed up in court on my case looking like he s been up all night, proly drinking. He has hair coming out of his nose, very unkept and he smells like baked a*s. Seriously. He has no respect for his clients and talks over you when you disagree. This Attorney is such a crook. He has a client and together they sue people who have done nothing wrong and cant afford to be sued. There has been 50 case s one of them is and I hired this attorney but he is a racist. My husband is African and he called me n****r lover. How can some people be so rude. This guy is the biggest loser ever to pass a bar examination. He is a total incompetent, unprepared, lazy, borderline retarded, speech impediment, habitually late for court (if he shows up at all), hasn t a clue about anything. He is just a pitiful loser. As if this isn t enough, he is a liar, thief, and unethical. Don t waste your time, Doesn t know anything about Law and has fictitious information on his website. He ripped me off same as others How he hasn t been disbarred is a miracle. If you hire him, you might as well either just plead guilty to your bankruptcy case, or flush your money down the toilet. I don t know how he sleeps at night. He is USELESS!

Ciolek LTD.
Scott A Ciolek
520 Madison Suite 820
Toledo, OH 43604
Phone: 419-740-5935
Fax: 866-890-0419

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First Name: Attorney
Middle Name: Scott
Last Name: A Ciolek, Toledo, OH
Category: Business


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