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Ashley Nuckles, California Cheaters

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Date: 11:04 am

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this is ashley she used to be my friend until she thought i f***** her man ….she is a unfaithfull friend dont tell her anything she will use it againts you in the long run …shes a very judgementel b**** an will throw u under the bus at any chance she gets…..if u had s*x ur a w**** in her mind..shes got her head so far up her a** she cant see more ways than one she thinks shes better than everyone …so in the long run dont get close with this b**** ….an d**n know she will get hers in the end….everyone say hello to ashley the b****

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Cheater Details

First Name: Ashley
Middle Name: Nuckles,
Last Name: California
Category: Cheaters


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