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This dirtbag loser is a certified snitch. Writes statements on people. She works for the conservatives but she’s more of a liberal. Was a long time crackslore. Has bragged about fuking 25000+ guys for money. Yes 25k not 25 hundred. And has absolutely nothing to show for it. Drives a base model piece of s**t jeep compass she had to finance and is still paying it off. Even if she had saved a toonie from every trick she’d have a nicer car. But she gave it all away to her p1mps and her crack addiction. She takes her anger out on others for this. While never did anything to stop herself from being a literal floozy. Ditches her son Thomas Daly to go f*k guys. Cuts herself. Or did. Pathological liar. Will lie about literally anything and everything. No wonder she’s been posted on her umpteen times. Zero shame with this one.

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First Name: ASHLEIGH
Middle Name:
Last Name: DALY
Category: Cheaters


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