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Ariunzul Batsaikhan, California

“She” (And I am not sure it’s a she) will go after your boyfriend, fiancée or husband. She will pretend to have a boyfriend who doesn’t pay attention to her or help solve her problems and start leaning on your man for help. She will start it off as a “friendship” but quickly escalate it to non-stop text (and not when your man is at home with you) and then send selfies. She needs a green card – and will go after your man to get it!

Like this:

Author: Anonymous

1 thought on “Ariunzul Batsaikhan, California”

  1. Who f****n posted this? You mother f****r post your real name so I can come bust your a*s with a big black d***o. I bet you would like a**l anyway. I will f**k up both you and your mom, but your mom’s p***y so lose so I will stick to her a*s as well.

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