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Arif Imanov Liar , cheater , scammer Cheaters

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Date: 11:22 pm

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Arif Imanov is a Liar, cheater , scamming psychopath narcissist …
He’s on multiple dating sites, running shady jobs … and scamming men and women all over Los Ángeles. Arif makes fun of everyone, especially girls he has s*x with. He calls women his b*****s. He has contempt for women, so anyone he Meets should know he will purposely rip u apart, while threatening you to do his dirty work. You will become his slave not by choice. Be careful.. you will fall for his lies .. he is a real life true “ Dirty John “ you won’t know what happened to you and your soul .. you will not be able to break away. :/ He treats you like trash and brainwashes you into believing all his terrible lies. He will use his little son , ex girlfriends , people in his building , etc. Etc. as scapegoats. Every single word out of his mouth is a lie. If you can escape, move away, get help if you are interacting with him. He will use you up until there is nothing left and move onto the next.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Arif
Middle Name: Imanov
Last Name: Liar , cheater , scammer
Category: Cheaters


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