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April Sellers Cheaters

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She has always slept around on her husband. Even with his step brother , all his friend’s , all her guy friends , and even her own sister’s fiance in her sisters bed when she was a teen. .Slept with a guy from her husbands work who’s wife was 7 months pregnant. She broke up my friends marraige all because she wanted more money and a house. She got pregnant when she left her husband (she had stopped taking her Birth control weeks before she left her husband )and tried to blame the pregnancy on a friend of mine but she got an abortion (after she decided she didn’t want to be with him) and bragged about it to everyone and saying it was going to be a boy because the guy (my friend )she was messing with wanted a boy. Really never knew who the baby belonged to because she slept with her husband , my friend, one of her friends from high school , and her step dad all around the same time . No one will ever know. She has gotten away with stuff like this and no one has ever called her out on it until now . She just tells everyone she does this to you need to just let it go it’s all in the past.She goes to church and acts like this inocent person but if they only knew what everyone else did they wouldn’t think she is so inocent. The people she puts down and talks about do a lot less than she does and I mean alot less .Just be warned of this girl she is trouble and I mean alot of trouble . Just go to myspace and look up her name and you will find her and and another one she has is

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First Name: April
Middle Name:
Last Name: Sellers
Category: Cheaters


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