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April Panzarella Cheaters

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Date: 4:04 pm

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Not only did April cheat on her husband but she stole another woman’s husband and has lied and manipulated everyone she can to get what she wants.

She left her kids with her “supposed” abusive husband, refused any help that was offered to her(for fear of being found out to be a liar), and has done little to nothing to see her kids. Who want nothing to do with her anymore.

I work with her and the actions she has taken in leaving her marriage were done out of jealously that others had what she wanted. Watch out for her as she is now on the look out for another sugar daddy since hers(large gentlemen in the pink shirt) had his car repossessed and they live in a trailer park.

Also she has STDs but refuses to be tested or treated for them. She has been reported to have slept with clients already and plays the damsel in distress very well.

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First Name: April
Middle Name:
Last Name: Panzarella
Category: Cheaters


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