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April Bryant, Milwaukie, Oregon HomeWreckers

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In 2005 my husband Jim started work at a company in Milwaukie. We had dealt with the women at this office for years and in a way I thought I was friends with April. That didn’t stop the c**t from starting an affair with my husband less than a year after he started as their service manager. It started with countless hours spent sitting at each other’s desks talking s**t about me. It then progressed into an endless bunch of emails. When my husband was traveling he would send her several emails a day telling her; “thinking of you”, “missing you”, “wish you were here”. When he would leave the office for a few minutes he would call her repeatedly. When we went on vacations together he would sneak out of the hotels early and call her every morning. I found the mapquest directions to her house in his truck.

I wanted to deny it was really happening and fell in to a deep and dangerous depression becoming suicidal and completely tuned out from the world. It devastated me that after 14 years of marriage my husband would cheat with some horse faced, buck toothed b***h. I have a serious thyroid disorder and the anxiety and depression affected my health very badly and it nearly killed me.

I confronted the b***h while my husband was out of town and the chicken s**t c**t immediately called my husband on his cell. They talked for about a half hour. She emailed me back hours later and refused to meet me. Telling me they were coworkers and nothing more. It took them that long to get their stories straight.

The two of them spent years trashing me and spreading vicious lies so their behavior would be condoned. My reputation was all but ruined. A couple years ago my husband left the company for a few months. During that time they texted, emailed their little love letters, and called each other all day long. Then my husband in a jealous rage accused her of sleeping with the bosses son in order to get better pay and a leg up. As rumor has it in the industry that she has been sleeping her way through everyone in that company, I am sure she did.

Shortly thereafter my husband went back to the company. She left to work. Rumor has it to get away from him.

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First Name: April
Middle Name: Bryant,
Last Name: Milwaukie, Oregon
Category: HomeWreckers


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