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Anthony Lang, US Virgin Islands Cheaters

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everyday is a new thing with this guy, emailed by a female today that says he played her, called a female today to find out who she is , well she is one he use to mess with, either he has them trained or he gives them cooling off time and then recycles them, after I asked nicely who she was, referred to my old book which has 60 something different number, (all females), I realized who she was. I feel like such a fool, cause every lie he has ever told me, just comes back around, he don’t need no B, don’t give a blank about none of them (that I believe), I don’t get it though, Are the lies really that good? If I am far away and I know now what all he is doin, how could they not know? He drives their vehicle, this chic admitted to me how he took something off her car that identified her as a woman, cause he takes his other women out or meet them, There has never been a player like this guy yall. I ain’t kidding. I feel foolish cause I fell for the I love you, have my baby and I did that. He has never held his child, most times don’t remember his name, he has one lil photo of him on FB, but it is obvious that the child was just a prize, game or something, He use to send me money, pay my phone bill before there was a baby, last month he got on a plane,(ticket paid for by one of his women), gave me $100 for the child and has NOT done anything since. Travelling of course was about getting in my pants again. I know that I am a better person than this, but I feel like such a fool to have gotten played like this. I even have a video of this man s******g another man’s wife while he was in the home. He loves what doesn’t belong to him. Ladies Please, please please be careful! Lately he has been telling me he is sick (for like 2 weeks), that is scary cause the women that I have spoken with verified that he does not, will not use a condom. He doesn’t , he did rape me when he arrived in MD, I begged him to at least use one, he refused, then asked why I was crying. I guess things are getting tight there in the Island cause now he is targeting Illinois, Cali, North Carolina, Maryland, he is sending his pictures to women that was taken while he was with me in MD (amazing). He will sweet talk y’all out out your credit card and everything. luckily for me, he never got money out of me, didn’t play that game, but I did buy him some fly gear that he loves to brag about. I am only posting this because the things this dude does has to be stopped, he is 47 years old, most the time his piece won’t stay erected and he has been taking vitamins and herbs to try and maintain it, but it’s the over stimulation I suppose, surprise it works at all, servicing as many women as he does.

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First Name: Anthony
Middle Name: Lang,
Last Name: US Virgin Islands
Category: Cheaters


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