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Anna Stacholy Cheaters

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Be careful with this woman, very aggresive and weirdo when she is in a relationship or dating somebody. She asks to involve in risky s*x practices with other people and has a strange obsession for homosexuals and tries to use a strap on if she has a chance. So if you care about your tight back hole be careful with her. She uses her job as a platform to attract people, she gives merchandise of AT&T; as if it would be her property. She is very vengative and violent. Hard in drug use, especially meth that she gets in Decatur. Very jealous and insecure, mostly beacuse her overweight problem. Obssesive and a very low self steam that forces her to attack people who like her. When she has a chance , she likes to go to do shoplifting. Her favorite place to do this: trader’s joe. She believes because as it is a joint for middle class yuppies she would not get caught. Dont go with her to any store because she is gonna be stealing something. and dont take her to your house or lock everything. She is not poor or need the money. She is just weirdo. She doesnt even respect her workplace. AT&T; is getting robbed in its latino promotional merchandise by this lady. Have a nice day and dont hate people. Peace, bros.

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First Name: Anna
Middle Name:
Last Name: Stacholy
Category: Cheaters


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