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Angie Leonard, Ohio Cheaters

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This home wrecker tried to ruin my marriage and still tries to come in the middle when she is not wanted by my husband. I know he is at fault as well and I’m not saying it’s all her fault. I’m not stupid it takes two but when my husband walked away from her she continued to try to come between us –she works at the local (removed) (where her mommy got her a job after she lost her other one) and every time I go in to get groceries and she sees me she will run to other cashiers and talk quietly like I don’t know what she is saying…I always have my kids with me so I don’t let it bother me….Anyways back to the start….I found out my husband was seeing this w***e after she left a note on my car while I was at work and yes it was caught on camera and she denied it was her…once the truth was out and it was no longer a game for my husband he gave up on her but she will not stop with the texts and the social media posts she is the type of person who will not get the point and I’m sure he isn’t the first involved man she has dealt with…She is nasty and will hang on as long as possible so watch your husband’s if you live near here….she doesn’t care she breaks up families and leaves kids fatherless as long as she has the man…and the thing I find funniest is that she is a member of the she’s a homewrecker Facebook site!!!

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First Name: Angie
Middle Name: Leonard,
Last Name: Ohio
Category: Cheaters


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