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Angela Milligan Cheaters

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I honestly thought this chic was my friend but last I check your friends don’t go behind your back texting your boyfriend nudes trying to sleep with them!!! This was a few months ago when she was still living here. He gave me his old phone and forgot to wipe it! So it’s not like she came to me or anything. I knew she was f*****g a few different guys but why would I care ? We had fun together. I can’t imagine how many other of her “friends” she’s done this to! What goes around comes around ang! Your nothing but a little ditch pig looking for anyone to con into buying you s**t or take you on trips or I guess whAtever you can get. I should have took it as a red flag when the old bald guy named Brandon who she was banging that worked cheetahs, blew her off and called her a loser. She ended up telling me that she got drunk and made an anonymous tip on the crime stoppers website stating everything she knew about him being a drug dealer!!! She claimed she felt bad about it but there’s some s**t that you just can’t take back eh!?? Your dead to me b***h I hope you never show your squished ratty lookin face here again. I’m sure you’ll leave friend after friend having done the same s**t with their men.

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First Name: Angela
Middle Name:
Last Name: Milligan
Category: Cheaters


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