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Andy Logan, Antioch, California Cheaters

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THIS CRAZY ANDY LOGAN IS A COMPULSIVE LIAR, MANIPULATOR, AND CHEATER AND W***E.WATCH OUT FOR HER! SHE USES AND MANIPULATES PEOPLE TO GET WHAT SHE WANTS AND USES MEN FOR THEIR MONEY! She makes people feel sorry for her and even makes them feel guilty to get what she wants but its all a lie!She even manipulates her own dying grandmother for money on occasion. When I was with her it was always one emergency after another and her needing money. Things stacked up and she got nearly 5 grand off me!It was OK at the time because I cared about her and she even brought up marriage and I just wanted her to be alright but then she screwed me over! She used me for money while she was seeing other men! 3 at once at one point! All who she owes money to and was apparently engaged to. She has had at leat 3 abortions and shes only twenty. 2 that were barely a month apart that were from two different men! She doesn’t use protection and she even gave me a STDS! and when she is exposed her true self appears. She is a cold heartless w***e with no empathy for anyone.. She will make you feel like king and try to lie about so she can get away with it. And she will threaten you with saying that if you tell anyone she wont pay you back your money or worse.. She is disgusting.. If you are with her or know her watch for the signs. She talks s**t about what a s**t her best friend is and everything but she is really talking about herself. She tries to make you feel sorry for her with stories of her past, lies about all her ex boyfriends being abusive and mistreating her, and she is always having one problem after the next. And she gives people this whole story about how she give someone the shirt off her back if they need it yet shes always the one who needs help.. I once broke up with her because I had suspicions but I was stupid and believed her lies when she told me that she would never lie to me and that she loved me and I was the most important person in her life..She is the worst kind of person.. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.. Trust someone who lived through her abuse and lies. SHE IS A MASTER LIAR AND CHEATER! DO NOT TRUST HER NO MATTER WHAT SAD SOB STORY SHE GIVES YOU BECAUSE IT IS ALL A LIES!! JUST LIKE HER!! SHE USES EVERYONE AROUND HER AND HAS NO EMPATHY FOR ANYONE BUT HERSELF! SHE IS A COLD HEARTED EVIL MANIPULATIVE LIAR!!


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First Name: Andy
Middle Name: Logan,
Last Name: Antioch, California
Category: Cheaters


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