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Andrew B. Hernandez Iii Cheaters

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He thinks that since he WAS in the Air Force. He could go around treating women like their the enemies that he fight in war. He a BIG time stoner and all his does with his life is drink and smoke pot. He cares about no one except his dog Flip, his cat Billie, and his best friend Jackie which he still have feelings for and is still f*****g her. He likes to get his best friend Jackie involve in all his relationships with women. She tells him who to date and she doesnt like any of the women he dating. He will let her flash her t*****s and start some s**t with the women he is dating. He wont tell her stop and she tried to fight them and almost kill him when he stops her. He depends on Jackie money to take of the house that he inherit. She always at his house everyday and go in the back to f**k while his girlfriend and ex girlfriends are in the other room. He doesnt have no shame in introducing his new girlfriends to all the girls whom he has f**k or dated. He is a freeloader, he will go to his girlfriends house to drink up all her alcohol and eat up all her food. He wont spend a dime in groceries, He lets his best friend Jackie go shopping for him in groceries and clothing. All his money really does go to weed. He is very disrespectful and have no shame in telling women to their face “f**k you b***h, I dont give a f**k.” When he gets mad he likes to put his hands on women. He has a choking fetish. He likes to choke women as he have s*x with them. He also hits women with baseball bats. He loves to brag about being a “LIVE DJ” but really he lying. I have never seen him at any bar or club or event much heard about him in the streets and none of my friends ever seen him either.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Andrew
Middle Name: B.
Last Name: Hernandez Iii
Category: Cheaters


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