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Amelia Ladd, New Hampshire HomeWreckers

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I started to notice something wasn’t right when my boyfriend wasn’t coming home at night. I would question what he was doing and he always replied with I’m staying at a friends house so we could ride together for work. Then the weekend would come and it was the same story, hes staying the weekend with a friend because of work. I truly believed every story he gave me, after all we were engaged and I’ve never had a reason not to trust him before. Then one night he forgot his cell phone at home and all of a sudden a suspicion kicked in and I decided to have a little peek. I noticed someone texting him “I miss you”. The name was only titled as A so I decided to give this number a call. The call went to voicemail and I heard a girls voice and the name Amelia. I was determined to get a hold of this girl and find out why she was texting my man so I called back until she picked up the phone. When this w***e finally picked up I asked her how she knows my boyfriend and why was she texting him? She stated that she was dating him for almost a month then says he’s sitting right here would you like to speak to him? My boyfriend got on the phone and hung up on me. As I proceeded to call back numerous time with no success I turned back to his phone and continued reading the text messages. This dirty w***e was asking my boyfriend if he came inside of her the night before. Obviously this girl will let any guy raw dog her since she barely knew him and was letting him hit it raw “nasty”. They discussed giving each other body massages under candle light which was something we always did together. He took her to see one of my favorite movies that we spoke about watching together. The morning after finding out about this affair he came home and promised me he would never speak to her again and confused he spent the night with her that very night I found out. This w***e knew about me and still had him sleeping at her house. He said that she came to our home to pick him up whenever they spent time together. She brought him to meet her parents. Who lets a man meet their parents while they know that person is in a relationship with another woman? He ended things with this s**t but she wouldn’t let it go, she kept calling him to try to meet up and work things out. No b***h you’re the other woman! He had to delete his FB account because the hoe wouldn’t stop writing to him. We had to block her number so she couldn’t contact him anymore. This girl is a nightmare! She is on POF searching for a new lover to raw dog her and she stated on the site that her longest relationship was under 9 months lmao well ladies the old saying is true! ” you cant turn a hoe into a house wife” Her screen name on POF is “onebigmonkeywrench” so if you ladies know any desperate men looking for a s**t to raw dog then hit her up.

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First Name: Amelia
Middle Name: Ladd,
Last Name: New Hampshire
Category: HomeWreckers


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