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Amber Peeler Cheaters

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Me and my husband have been with one another for 8 years, we have been married for almost 5 with all this started going down. I am 27 years old, and I have two handsome boys that are 4 and 6 and they are my everything, and I love them very much. Now, it all started with one phone call. Her name is AMBER, she was supposed to be my friend, well she called and stated that she needed a place to go because she had nowhere else to go, supposedly. Well I am a very kind-hearted person, and I went out of the way to go pick her up and let her stay with me.

At first things we’re going very well, and smooth. Well I started noticing that her and my husband were getting way to close. She would wrestle on the floor with him, and grind everything she had on him, and of course I did ask and said something about it, but of course he assured me nothing was going on, but as a wife I let it go for a little bit.

Well, then she would start putting on that she was always hurting, and she would cry and fuss and make things up to get my husbands attention to get him to take her off. Well, they would stay gone for hours at a time, and tell me that she was having passing out spells, and c**p. I asked him, “Why didn’t you call the ambulance?” his statement was “because it wasn’t charged”. Yeah right.

Well, eventually she was out of our lives for a little bit because we moved, but a month later she pops right on up and my husband invites her back to our place. I told him several times I didn’t like the fact that he would just get up and do that without asking me. Which I thought was major BULLSHIT! Well I d**n sure kept a close eye on them, and started noticing more and more, and him and I would argue about it, and of course I fell for, “I am not doing anything with her she is just a friend”.

There was one occasion she was gone for a few days and wasn’t supposed to come back. Well I go to my moms and I am chilling and spending time with her. Well I tell my mom I am ready to go home, so she takes me home, and needless to say who was standing there? HER! Standing in front of my husband, I get out asking WTF? Why is she here now that I left? I went the F*ck off! Needless to say I WAS the one bringing in the money not him or the homewrecker, I was supporting them, I was not getting any help.

Well, eventually one day we we’re having issues and she moved somewhere else. Well we needed money at the time, and my husband went off and I spent the whole day looking for him high and low along with her mother. Well 8 hours later he calls saying his phone died and he wasn’t able to get ahold of me because there was no plugs to plug up his phone. Yea, but let alone the place where he was at had SEVERAL places to do so. Well, when he came home he left out the next morning to supposedly get some money, but he was shacked up with AMBER s******g her, while me and his kids we’re waiting for him to get home.

Later on, I receive a text message from him stating, we need to separate and c**p, I was HOT I mean HOT. I was crying and screaming like WTF, but he would not pick up his phone to talk to me. Well I went to my mom’s that night with both of my baby boys, and found out through his Mom that he was shacked up with AMBER, and that he had been cheating on me for 5 months, and he was tired of my s**t! This was NOT the first family she has done this too, after all this news spread about what he and she done, I received several phone calls from other families that she has done this too. Needless to say she has already cheated on him, Karma is a b***h.

Well, to pretty much sum it up I did everything in my power to help her, as a friend, she knew I was married and had two baby boys with him, but no that didn’t stop her because she couldn’t keep her legs closed long enough. She says she isn’t a bad person? But what person moves in, while THEY are taking care of you, and you sleep with their husband, knowing he had a family? I tell you what kind of person that is. That is the type of person that has no self-respect for themselves, and has to go out and ruin what once was. I stood by this man and was faithful through everything, made sure we had what we needed at all times, and did everything in my power to make it work.

She is the type of girl to find the faults in your relationship and pushes herself in there to make it seem like she is so perfect. I am not saying she is a HOE but she has been on more wieners than Heinz Ketchup!

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Last Name: Peeler
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