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Amber Erickson, Pipestone, Minnesota Cheaters

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This is Amber Erickson. It was Amber Heard at the time that she began sleeping with my boyfriend of 6 years. Yes, she had a 3 year old son at home and also a husband. Anyhow, my boyfriend Lance and I at the time had gotten into a minor fight, no big deal, which in turn ended up blowing up into something wildly different! He ended up leaving and didn’t come back home… A couple days had gone by. He would ignore my calls and texts. Finally he told me that we were done. This had blind sighted me out of nowhere, being as nothing like this had ever happened before and it was completely unexpected. I kept our split on the down low, as I was embarrassed and ashamed. He left me to pay for our apartment on my own. I then moved on to being single and hanging with my friends. I was newly 21, so the bar scene became my thing. Come to find out, Lance had moved in with one of my male friends at his apartment. Low and behold, Luke had gotten home from work early to find Amber and Lance in bed together! Funny part is, Luke and Amber had an on again, off again affair. She, in fact, had spent the night with Luke the day before her wedding and she married Dale (her then husband). Needless to say, we all were quite dumbfounded. Did I also mention that Amber and my mom were BEST FRIENDS and coworkers! Who even knows how long this went on before they were discovered. Haha. Anyways, Lance and Amber continued to deny it all, even her husband Dale was defending them both. Oh, up until Lance and Amber both moved to Marshall, MN together. They each had separate apartments, supposedly! So, Lance and I had broken up end of September, the funniest part of this entire story? Lance ended up at the same bar as me on New Year’s Eve in Pipestone, Mn. He sat with my mom and step dad at our table. He then got cocky towards me and flashed a picture of Amber’s child out of his wallet and claimed him to be “the cutest kid.” I slapped him and he left the bar. I continued to drink, 2am rolled around, I left the bar and walked home. Once to my apartment, I undressed and crawled into bed. Not 15 mins after I got home there was knocking at my door. I go to the peek hole and who the h**l do you think it is? Lance!! He’s crying and telling me how much he misses me and us. We then proceed to hook up. Afterwards, we get into an argument and I ask him to leave. He then drives back to Marshall intoxicated, calls me the next day and we continue to pursue a secret “relationship” behind Amber’s back for 3 weeks. Finally, he’s found out and blocks me on Facebook and changes his number. Fast forward to present day, they’re engaged (lucky them!) and still a bunch of alcoholics. She owns a daycare and he is a registered s*x offender. Woof! I lucked out on that guy big time! To this day, I am thankful that she was able to take the trash from my life and find good use for it.


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First Name: Amber
Middle Name: Erickson,
Last Name: Pipestone, Minnesota
Category: Cheaters


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