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Amanda Kitts HomeWreckers

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My husband and I were married for 7 years, together for 9. We had our ups and downs over the years but always managed to work things out and build a life together. I helped my husband through many mental struggles when no one else would. I made the mistake three years ago of having phone conversations with another man. Nothing ever physical or emotional. My husband and I moved on from that and had a beautiful son the following year and everything was great for a while. We started going through a rough patch earlier this year and arguing a lot. Memorial Day weekend, we had a big argument over something silly. So I told him that I was going to stay with my sister for the night until things cooled off. The following day, everything seemed fine. He works out of town, so as the week progressed, his calls home got fewer and fewer. So I had his phone bill checked to see who he had been talking to. A number showed up repeatedly so I sent a text. Come to find out, the night I went to my sister’s, he went to a bar and met this girl. She is a MARRIED woman and a pill head with no job! I contacted her and she knew all about me, our young son, and our life! She proceeded to call me a gold digger and a b***h that was a horrible wife. When I met my husband, he didn’t have a dime! We built our life together and I have always worked and raised my son and helped raise my husband’s two children from a previous relationship! I found out about this w***e on a Friday and had filed my divorce papers by the next Friday!

The sad thing is, I stood by my husband through h**l and back and the first s***k that showed him some attention caused him to leave his family. Him and her both continue to harass me and call me a drama queen and a b***h. The funny thing is, they already fight and break up and haven’t even talked for 3 months!!! Haha. I’m very proud of myself for taking a stand for my son and myself and not putting up with a cheater. I signed my divorce papers Monday and will be out of this situation on September 14! I have included a picture of the homewrecker. It’s very true that they always cheat down lol… all I can do is smile 🙂

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First Name: Amanda
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Last Name: Kitts
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