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Amamda Marie Johnson, Michigan

Not gossip she preys on couples to play her games. she slowly gains trust with the wife.who now at this point. Will do what shes asked or told to do.she will soon use bathroom for showers and other businesses without using door for privasy sometimes she will call husband to the door with little more on than her smile. her goal is to alway a be center of attention. she will do anything to split couples up Shes a tech media junky she will fill phones and thumb drives full of blackhatter hacking c**p.all self executing files even for apple and android.we lost 6 brandnew laptops/samsung tab4 10.1 A samsung Mega 6.3 and countless other phones. All with a gif and a smile. not to worry she will blame the husband so milfy wife is available.but shes a swinger same game different spouse. she will steal ALL YOUR facebook pgs clone them.she runs penetrating software so she can …and yes it is completely. Possible to turn on mic camera record without your knowledge. even if you manually shut down remember home screens desktops etc all CLONED owned by her. to you seems sort of normal.well to end this she will ruin you and your spouse all associated friends any and all digital info.crash and blue screen all your s**t when she has no more use for you.shes 5ft1in dark hair usually shaved on one side tattooed all over.

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