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Alyssa Pearce Cheaters

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This b***h is referred to as the town ferry because everyone’s gotten a ride. She ‘dates’ (sleeps with) multiple men at a time, (especially if you’ve got some extra tweak lying around) including mine. I met this girl awhile back at a bar I was at WITH my dude and she was fake as f**k to me from the start, wanting to be buddy buddy with me. I thought whatever maybe she’s a cool girl. I’ve heard stories about this chick and how she slept a married guy before, went on trips with his kids and s**t only to become best friends with his wife. I thought maybe it was just some hear say bullshit. Actually no, it was true. I found out she’s been sleeping with my man wanting to be a “sub girl”. She got caught up multiple times and doesn’t own up to s**t. Not only is she the town w***e but the biggest f****n p***y you’ll ever meet. Big mouth won’t do s**t when it comes down to it she’s a scared b***h that’s why she’s gotten her a*s beat multiple times. I left that sorry excuse but she can’t possible think she’s getting out of this s**t scotch free, you mad your messy s**t finally came to a head b***h?

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First Name: Alyssa
Middle Name:
Last Name: Pearce
Category: Cheaters


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