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Allison Thomson, Fort Hood, Texas HomeWreckers

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This is a girl who we spent time at the gym with. We were friends, her husband and my husband were friends. My husband and I were having a rough time, and her husband was deployed. I was heading home with our children to visit my family when I saw that these two had been texting. Given our past and the problems we were having I opened up to my ‘friend’ and told her that it made me extremely uncomfortable. This strained the friendships with me and the rest of the group because they felt I was mistrusting of them. At the time the lack of trust was just with my husband, but I felt as my friends they would understand where I was coming from and be sensitive to my feelings. Fast forward to a week later when I return (on our wedding anniversary)… My husband isn’t home. He says he has military duty, little does he know I was surprising him by returning early. He was not where he said he would be. I went home to find he had not been staying at our house. He swore he had, and against better judgement I tried to overlook the signs. He told me he wanted a divorce and swore there was nobody else. Fast forward a few days and I pass these two in the car with my children on my way home from work. I turn around and begin to follow them because I know something isn’t right. I’m met with messages telling me they’re just going to seaworld for the day, they didn’t tell me because they didn’t want drama. I stated how completely weird it was for her to be spending the day at sea world with my husband and children, and she proceeded to tell me that I was a psychotic b***h who was making things up in my head… All while holding my husbands hand. So, after coming off of a 12 hour overnight shift, I made the 4 hour drive to seaworld and took my children’s hands and spent the day with them. My husband stayed with her and that’s when I knew for certain there was much more to this. I went home and got into his account and was sickened to find their love messages, detailed accounts of their sexual encounters, the two of them talking about the time she had been spending playing mom to my children while I worked, and how they were planning a life together after he divorced me and got custody of our children. At this point they had been seeing each other for less than two weeks. I told her husband. They said things ended, she wanted to save her marriage to her husband – they hadn’t. They continued for another 7 weeks, only stopping when she went to Korea to visit her husband and he saw that my husband was emailing her. Even then, she made it seem that my husband just wouldn’t leave her alone and she had ended things. In her attempt to save her own a*s, she pushed her husband to get mine into trouble with the military. Yes, I’m aware he is responsible for himself, but it would have gone unpunished had she not done this. Kind of hard to support children through this mess when your rank pay and career are messed with. Anyway, that p****d my husband off enough for me to find out that things had not ended as she said. Her husband now knows that too, and the last I heard her life was falling apart. I know mistakes happen, but what sickens me in all of this is the continued lying and sneaking around, involving innocent children, and making me out to be the crazy one all while being the one doing these things. My 3 year old still asks why I don’t scratch his back at bedtime as long as Allison would. My family has lost so much because of these last few months. I hope throwing away the great husband she had was worth it – I mean the man was supporting her while she is in nursing school and not working; H**l, he even sent her her favorite chocolates after he found out about the affair, because she was having a hard time. Being a nurse myself I sure hope a prospective employer googles her and sees just how much of an ethical upstanding person she is.

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First Name: Allison
Middle Name: Thomson,
Last Name: Fort Hood, Texas
Category: HomeWreckers


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