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Allison Busbee HomeWreckers

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Ok so I have been married to my husband now for two years, been together 6 years. He admitted to talking to this girl while we were dating and apologized and I thought that was it. I had no idea what all was going on, she was trying to be my friend and telling me tht I should leave him bc he didn’t love me and so on. After I found out that they had been talking, I confronted her and all h**l broke loose! She started riding by our home, stalking me, calling and texting us both nonstop. He told her time and again that he loves me to stay away from us and that only fueled her. We live in a small town and she started rumors that I had aids and was a bad mother. The girl ran me off of the road with my kids in the car, threatened me, an started saying that all four of her kids were my husbands. She is married as well. I showed her husband all of the text messages to myself and to my husband, but clearly he’s an idiot. Yes, my husband (boyfriend at the time) was in the wrong just by talking to her but he came clean before we got married and what can I say? I love him!

He is completely faithful to me.. Before he would take his phone everywhere he went and now he leaves his phone with me all the time, shows me every message she sends him, he even put a tracker on his phone to prove that he’s not messing up. This has been going on for 5 years, she is obsessed with me and my family and idk how to get her to stop. She’s bat crazy and I am not the only one she is starting c**p with all the time! I just found out that there are 4 other married men she has also been stalking! I actually pressed charges against her and had her a*s thrown in jail! Nothing seems to get he to stop- she is just obsessed with trying to make me crazy.. Which she has officially done. Even though I know my husband isn’t doing anything, this is causing me so much stress that I’m considering a divorce! What should I do?

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First Name: Allison
Middle Name:
Last Name: Busbee
Category: HomeWreckers


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