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Allisha Carpenter Cheaters

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This is my first cousin. She slept with my ex husband, sent him naked pictures & wanted to start a relationship with him all while we were married. F**king W***e ruined my marriage, even though we didn’t get divorced for a couple of years after the affair.

The story goes:

My aunt and uncle invited me and my husband to a biker rally in AR. We had a bike at the time and thought it would be fun. Apparently, behind my back my husband asked my cousin for her number and she gave it to him! After the vacation they kept in contact through a pre-paid cell phone he had stashed in the bed of his truck. I didn’t find the cell phone for 3 months but knew he had it & was using it – because he was using it before he got a new phone & all of a sudden he says it must have been stolen from the house because it was GONE? Pretty weird when I called to check the balance on that account the total had decreased. I knew it was being used & had a gut feeling he had it. He denied having the phone from October – December It was a constant argument; I knew he was up to something but I couldn’t prove it. One day I was sitting at our house along, pondering where he could have this cell phone hidden & I get the random idea to go search the bed of his truck – the tool box part. Well low and behold I find the cell phone wrapped in a plastic bag and stuffed into a glove! I started shaking uncontrollably, I was sick to my stomach with fear excitement anger and sadness. When I opened the phone imagine my horror when I see my cousin naked! I would have never guessed a member of my own family would stoop so low. Found out later he lied to me about going to Tulsa with a friend for a weekend so he could stay at her house 2 hours away! She still has never apologized or shown remorse! Now she is married! I wonder how she would feel if another woman tried to take her husband, if another woman sat in the shadows tempting him to leave her? She will never know the pain and grief she caused me for so long & she doesn’t care. Hope KARMA comes back around your way soon b***h!

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First Name: Allisha
Middle Name:
Last Name: Carpenter
Category: Cheaters


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