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Alicia Ramirez Cheaters

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My name is Yolanda and I have been married to my husband for 24 years. My husband has never cheated on me until about 8 years ago. I found these two in her car making out and having s*x!! It disgusted me because she is the age of our daughter!! She is 27 and my husband is 54!! I dragged her out and beat the s**t out of her!! To my surprise, my husband defended her, I was so mad at that that i left her alone and beat the s**t out of him instead! This was going on for 8 years and they had a son , it broke my heart to find out that I was living a lie for that long.

She was not even sorry about it. She laughed at me and said that I was stupid for being him. She told me that my husband would tell her that I was dying and that’s why he was messing around. That b***h showed me pictures of him and her throughout the years and him at the hospital with the baby! (their son) I broke down and I was devastated. She is a heartless women! They are still together to this day, and I just cant seem to let him go either! I cant let her take what i worked all my life for! A Family a Home, and my happiness was robbed from me by this Homewrecker!

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First Name: Alicia
Middle Name:
Last Name: Ramirez
Category: Cheaters


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