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Alicia Price Cheaters

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This tramp was a waitress at the restaurant my husband became employed at shortly before we were married. Their interaction was first brought to my attention when she called his phone one month after we were married and of course asked who I was. She was surprised to hear that he had a wife but insisted they were just friends. In the coming months I would find messages late at night on his phone begging him to come see her and pics of her half naked. He said he didn’t know why she would send those to him. I called and text her several times making threats and what not all the while they both plead innocent.

Eventually a friend and I did a drunken stake out outside their job and caught him leaving with her. My husband and I split up after a physical altercation following that night. Three months later after him begging and pleading for another chance I went back to him. Within a week of moving into our new home she was in his phone again. At the end of our marriage he had completely abandoned me and our four children. I had to move because I could not afford to live in our home alone. He was nowhere to be found.

Months later a friend told me they saw him with a baby. Then it all made sense. He had gotten her pregnant and when he disappeared he had left one family to take care of another. I have never hated anyone until her. Through all this time, 3 years, I spoke to her, text her, sent her pics of my marriage licence, and she still took it upon herself to destroy my family. Now she is alone. But somehow it just doesn’t seem like karma did a good job this time.

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First Name: Alicia
Middle Name:
Last Name: Price
Category: Cheaters


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