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Alex Bradley is a CHEATER Cheaters

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This LOSER cheated on me the entire time I was pregnant, and left me a week before I had our daughter for a flat assed homewrecking s***k named Quinn Manzano. He did not come to the hospital when his daughter was born because he brought his Pigwhore to town and instead spent the day holed up in a hotel room snorting coke and having s*x. He swore he was going to buy a car so that I didn’t have to walk around pregnant or take our baby on the bus, but he took Pigwhore to Vegas and had a f**k-fest at the MGM instead. They had a great big vacation to Puerto Rico planned for the weekend I was due to give birth. He DOES NOT pay for his child that he has with me, and I have heard he has two other children even his family doesn’t know about and he doesn’t support them either. Pigwhore thinks it’s funny that he spends every last dime he has on her, but has never spent one penny on his baby daughter. He has never even called ONE TIME in her whole entire life to check on her (She’s almost a year old now)! He tried to make me feel bad for him by using the kids, but I’m on to his bullshit now. He’ll do or say anything to manipulate people. He even stole thousands of dollars from his “business partner” to spoil his rat-faced pigslut, but can’t buy even one pack of diapers for his baby. He demands to get paid by transfers so that he doesn’t have to pay taxes or get stuck with child support payments. He tries to swindle millions from people for his “investments” but he has no intention of using that money to run a business; he just uses other people’s money to fund a lavish lifestyle that he believes he is entitled to, but cannot actually afford on his own. Any money he gets will go directly up Pigwhore’s snout. BEWARE of this person he will lie, cheat, and steal from anyone to get what he wants and does not care who he hurts in the process! A true sociopath!!!

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First Name: Alex
Middle Name: Bradley
Last Name: is a CHEATER
Category: Cheaters


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