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Alejandro Rodriquez Frayre

He has many names online: Alejandro Rodriquez Frayre, A.R. Frayre, Alex Frayre and will change his name around on different online sites using all three names in different ways.

He is a serial cheater with an adult nursing fetish. You will find him on many of those sites looking for his next victim. I suspect he has many lined up in his local area.

I did not meet him on these sites but knew of his preference. I met him on a dating site. I dated him for a few years but as the years wnt by things came out more. I suspect he has a wife or a girl he lives with who does not know what he does. He doesn’t like to give his phone number out but instead will communicate via email to you. This keeps his secret quiet from any other gals, wife and girlfriends. He changes emails alot using disposable emails and when someone gets on to him. He deletes them.

He wanted me to move close to him but never had any intensions of committing to our relationship. Again making it easy to have serial relationships within his community. I was having a difficult time finding work in his area. He made no attempt to help me out at all. He lies to you. Says he loves you be he is really not capable in loving anybody.

He is also a narcisist and doesn’t really care about you as a person. He is also cheap. He may pay for the first few dates but will try and come over to your place. I also want to note that he often will not come over till it is the wee hours of the morning. So who ever he lives with may not even know he sneeks around behind her back


He never was honest with me and I wasted my life on this guy. He will keep using women and breaking their hearts. Yet again, a narcissist never cares about another but only him or her self.

I am healing as time goes by. Hoping for a better, caring, loving relationship to come into my life.

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12 thoughts on “Alejandro Rodriquez Frayre”

  1. Update: took me a whole year to pickup the pieces of my life. Started excepting dates and may have found a kind man who is intelligent, supportive and looks out for me. Alex taught me a hard lesson I will never forget. What I really wanted in a relationship because now I know what I don’the want.

    You will never get that kind of relationship in Alex.

    Alejandro lives in El Segundo, California

    I am done and all this is behind me.

  2. Seriously, this guy has no morals. He is h**l on wheels. He makes up stories to digg deep enough to hurt you. He cannot love anyone so don’the get involved. He will, cheat with a smile and not care while he does it.

    Stay away from Alejandro Rodriquez frayer.

  3. So grateful that G*d moved me away from this guy.I literally had to pack everything,load it all up in a truck and move 6 hundred miles away by myself. The day I finished cleaning up the apartment I get a phone call from him. He tells me he found someone. HE DOESN’T HAVE THE CAPACITY FOR EMPATHY OR COMPASSION TOWARDS WOMEN.


    He has a serious addiction to s*x and will go online to satisfy it.

    He has no capacity to love.

  4. He cheated on me and it is obvious that he cheated on you. Tried to hide me from family and friends. A zebra doesn’t change his stripes but will continue seeking to fill his addiction. To get the rush and hurting women in his path. He has a serious problem relating to women.

    He will never feel what he has done to you because he is a narcissist. Can lie straight to your face.

    As for me, I hope one day to forgive him. Not the horrible things he has done but so my heart can heal and be with good man.

    Thank you G*d for giving me the courage to speak up against the wrong that was committed.

  5. This is an example of how someones actions can effect the people around him. There are crossroads in life.Our actions can make a ripple of consciousness that can be good or bad. Be careful, we are all connected on this Earth.

    I truly loved this guy however by his immaturity and lack of good communication this thing that was good for both of us has been destroyed. He doesn’t know how to give love but to take and destroy it.

  6. I picked up a book,”Crazy Time,Surviving Divorce and Building a new Live”.

    Best book I have seen on the subject. Read it. It is helping me understand the dynamics of a relationship.

    From what I am understanding we all seek to fulfill some opposite need. So the relationship is unbalanced from the beginning and we don’t realize it. This does not have to be marriage but just a long term dating relationship.

    Alex created a dominant role in this sinario by keeping it confined to emails and then deleting emails. Not giving his phone number to gives him a sense of power until it finally backfires or I have finally had enough of it.

    He is seeking to fulfill a need that was never full filled in his life. When confronted, a dominate personality will go into denial mode which is what is happening here. He is in fear of being vulnerable so goes into denial. He is in complete denial of the relationship.

    I on the other hand even though I am realy independent somehow became the submissive part of the relationship until I finally had enough and sought to balance it.

    What I understand from this book is that a healthy relationship is an equal partnership not an unbalanced one. Each partner must be willing to listen and adapt to the shifting dynamics of the relationship.have respect for each other, not blaming each other.

    He gave me no choice but to take this out into the public forum by cutting me off and not having a heart to heart discussion by phone or better by person.He may already be married for all I know and I got caught up in the mess.

    The book is helping me to understand. What I want is an equal partnership of giving and recieving and respect.

    I leave you with hopes of a better life and love.

  7. By the way, Alex was having a relationship with me for five years. You can understand why I am mad about the whole thing. I spent emotional, physical and financial time with him. He gave nothing in return and that is why I say he is a taker. It wasn’t fair that five years was taken from me. He should have been honest with me.

    I did learn the hard way from it. Still have quit a few years left in my life to enjoy it with someone and have a better perspective and understanding.

    Dear G*d, send me the right man for the job. I am ready for him.


  8. By the way Alejandro Rodriquez Frayer.

    I know you are reading this.

    If you had at least 50 percent compassion and giving
    in a relationship, I would have been with you.And that would have been the best prize as I am a good woman and well worth it. I have no need to cheat. I am comfortable in my own skin.

    If you had patience and was not afraid to see me as I am and honor it with integrity.I may have had the opportunity to move back to LA.

    A job came to me up north and their office is located down south. All I needed was a roof over my head and you would have had me all to your self.

    This could have been a good partnership both financially and personally.

    Sometimes no matterm how hard I tried things didn’the work until I gave it to G*d and a job landed in my lap.

    I am working up here with him and I am sure if I had a reason to move he may take me on.

    So you lost.

    Someone else will take your place.

    Give yourself 20 more years and you are going to kick yourself for being such an a*s.

  9. Dear Alejandro Rodriquez Frayre, A.R. Frayre, Alex Frayre, Alejandro F. Rodriquez.

    Whoever you are,here are some words of wisdom. This will be immortalized way past my death and yours so here it goes.

    First and foremost, I loved you. As complicated you are and as difficult you are there was true affection and concern for you.

    Bare in min, I believe in G*d. I attended Churches growing up but could not understand the heartless actions of Christians. Why do people look down on the homeless, handicapped, mentally challenged or anyone who lives a life different from you? What it boils down to is fear for the unkown, insecurities and lack of education. If I was raised in a house of kids of all kinds such as different nationalities and challenges and abilities, my perception would be far different then the so called normal kid.

    Communication between us has been the most difficult challenge by far. How do you think organizations would run if they used the same system you and I did? We even can misunderstand what is being said in a business email. There is not the phone or eye to eye contact, body language and intuitive knowledge of the truth or untruth being said. Just look how Trump is messing up our country and not caring for the poor, handicapped or the elderly.

    This is not a me, me me world! Companies would not run effectively if that is all they thought about and would not be in business for very long. And for that matter, friends, couples, lovers, and groups of people would not hold up either. Effective authentic communication is central to anything we do here on Earth.

    Trust is important to any friendship, relationship and corporation. Trust in the person and the product. Words mean nothing. Actions speak louder than words or authentic action. Authentic communication and Action is central to what a real relationship is. I have seen some really good relationships and believe I can have that.

    I understand that I may have been angry and put you on the defensive making it hard for you to see my side of the situation. I took the risk in loving you. There were moments in the beginning before your ex and kids came back that were wonderful. If you truly want a good woman: she must be number on in your life. A good women will understand and make someones kids a part of her life. If an ex and kids come first then you will be ruled by them.When they leave the home, you will be left with and empty nest and that woman who made your life wonderful will be gone.

    I was also angry at myself for allowing this union to go on for too long. I really deserve someone good in my life. I gave you more than I would have given to anybody else. Nights are now spent in deep prayer and meditation to call in my soulmate. It is time. Time to rock this world in an equal partnership with someone who has my back. My heart and soul is moving forward. The door to be closed forever to you. If you ever reach out to me, be prepared, have your ducks in a row. Give me a Pitch with solid evidence of its authenticity and I will listen to you.

    Until then, see you in the afterlife.

  10. Call me when you are ready. Since this is a public forum, I don’t answer and listen to voice mails before responding.

    There is something very real here. We are both hurting. I am sorry it was the only choice I had at the time. We are both to blame. There is a new beginning.

    I am in deep contemplation about myself, my life and the direction it is going. We’re I am the happiest and not listening to anyone’s opinions about it. A lot of growth for me. Taking action, relationships in friends, business and such. We are both stubburn so I felt an intuitive hit to write this.

  11. I am healing and spending lots of alone time looking at my past, the people who are apart of it. Life is short and to be able to make an impact for good I must not give my time away to people who do not have my best interest at heart. I have not met yet the love of my life. There is no room for him if I do not put this behind me now and allow new friendships and love to come in. My ability to trust you ever again is debatable. It was a one sided relationship and a toxic one.
    I am letting you go.

    I am ment to do good with what is left of my life.Toxic people, friendships and lovers have no room in my life anymore.

    Balance is essentially a must to achieve the goals in front of me.

    G*d speed and good bye.

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