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Ladies I,m writing this information to tell you about a man whom I recently met. I met him through my sister. I thought “cool” so I talked with him on the phone. We eventually met over the phone and we became attracted to each other and started a relationship. He was a gentleman, open the door for me,if My glass was half full he filled it, give me comments, did activities together etc. A change was coming. I knew he liked to drink but not on a daily basis where it consumed his life. He started to become verbally abusive and even physical at a time. He called other women in my presence, involved with his his grown children mother, becomes loud. He gets upset when another man calls me. Ladies beware this man is a convict has a record for aggravated burglary and assault on a female. He is con artist and a charmer. I feel emotionally violated and something precious was stolen: time and my heart. So please I urge all of you to take this time to read this his name is Alan Washington age 44 years old black male, jobless which he told me he had one, lives at home with his mother.

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First Name: Alan
Middle Name:
Last Name: Washington
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