Aaron Jacob Greenspan aka Aaron Greenspan owner of plainsite.org under fraudulent 501c Think Computer Corporation and Think Computer Foundation

Let us start off by saying that Aaron Greenspan is a HACKER! That’s right! Aaron Jacob Greenspan is a Hacker! He illegally accesses and unlocks data sites in the State Courts and the online Federal Court database system Pacer. Then Aaron Greenspan uploads documents that are SEALED on to his monetized website plainsite.org, so that he can attract the most attention and traffic to his monetized website plainsite.org, in order to make the most amount of Money. Aaron Greenspan loves that money! Everything that Aaron Greenspan has set up is to only help himself and his family in a very selfish manner. Aaron Greenspan does not care if you lost your job, your reputation is ruined by him or he has messed up your livelihood. Aaron Greenspan only cares about the money! Aaron Greenspan is laughing as he fills his bank accounts up with some paper, while people who do real work for a living and have to get up every day and work hard for a living are being harassed, stalked, terrorized, threatened and bullied by this low life who enjoys doing this to the public. Aaron Greenspan does not like receiving his own medicine and makes every attempt to remove TRUTHFUL online comments about him, while he continues to upload legal documents on people that don’t explain the whole story only the most negative and one sided story of a legal situation. Aaron Greenspan enjoys ruining other people’s careers and reputations but doesn’t like the TRUTH being told about himself online. Aaron Greenspan doesn’t work for a living so he doesn’t have to worry about this career being ruined. Although, Aaron Greenspan is a narcissistic sociopath and does care about the TRUTH getting out about his vicious behaviors and lies against people online.

Aaron Greenspan has many complaints against him with the IRS non-profit division for tax fraud and tax evasion. You can see the last complaint that went out to the IRS using the Referral Form 13909 on April 2, 2018 and it was a real thorough complaint with lots detailed information that exposes the truth about the Aaron Greenspan’s online criminal activities and of course tax fraud.

Aaron Greenspan enjoys hiding behind the “First Amendment” and the “US Constitution”, in order to justify his criminal activities of online harassment, stalking, threatening people when they file complaints with US Government Agencies, Intimidation tactics against people who explain to the public the truth against this low life and Aaron Greenspan is a professional LIAR and MANIPULATOR. That’s one of the things that Aaron Greenspan does best lie to people and manipulate gullible and naive people. Everything that comes out of Aaron Greenspan’s mouth is a LIE. Lying is second nature to Aaron Greenspan.

Aaron Greenspan is going in to Media companies and Hacking their Servers, in order to gain access to photos and information that is no longer available to the public, then Aaron Greenspan is uploading this information online to retaliate against a person who has filed legitimate complaints against him with the IRS, FBI IC3, California Attorney General’s Office and whole array of Start and Federal Agencies.

Aaron Greenspan is going in to Google Groups and copying and pasting “Copyright” material, in order to retaliate, shame, defame, harass, stalk and threaten online.

Aaron Greenspan is altering the URL’s so that they appear under the person’s name that he is harassing, stalking and threatening and that person’s relatives and friends, so that the URL shows up under a wide variety of names to harass his victims.

Aaron Jacob Greenspan is committing violation of the RICO statute as he is conspiring with other online legal data mining website owners to intentionally destroy a certain person’s career and reputation out of retaliation.

Aaron Greenspan is committing Bank and Money Laundering Crimes under Title 18, USC Sec. 1956. On top of the tax evasion and tax fraud that Aaron Greenspan is committing against the US Government he is committing Money Laundering and Wire Fraud crimes, as he is funneling his money off shore, in order to not pay his US Taxes.

The following are just some of the crimes that Aaron Jacob Greenspan is committing and they include Wire Fraud and Money Laundering schemes:
Bank fraud/Title 18, USC Sec. 1344
Bribery/Title 18, USC Secs. 201*, 215, 224
Copyright infringement/Title 18, USC Sec. 2319
Extortion and threats/Title 18, USC Sec. 875
Extortionate credit transactions/Title 18, USC Secs. 892*, 893*, 894
Foreign corrupt practices/Title 15, USC Secs. 78m, 78dd-1, 78dd-2, 78ff
Foreign law violations: extortion; fraud against a foreign bank
Fraud and false statements/Title 18
Health care fraud/Title 18
Malicious mischief/Title 18
Racketeering/Title 18, USC Secs. 1951*, 1952*, 1953*, 1954*, 1955*, 1956***, 1957***, 1958*
Securities, fraud in the sale of/(Undefined)
State Crimes Extortion and Bribery
Unauthorized sound and video recordings
USC Sec. 300f Wire fraud/Title 18, USC Sec. 1343
U.S. money laundering laws (Title 18, USC Secs. 1956 & 1957), (Title 18, USC Sec. 1961) using a Bank in the Middle East
U.S. RICO law (Title 18, USC Sec. 1961)
Copyright infringement is an SUA under the money laundering law (Title 18, USC Sec. 1956) and is incorporated from the U.S. RICO law (Title 18, USC Sec. 1961)

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  1. Everybody! We have filed multiple IRS Referral Form 13909’s against Aaron Jacob Greenspan and his father Neil S Greenspan and Judith Greenspan, as they are all together as a team committing Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud schemes.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan’s father is the mastermind behind this entire criminal organization, as he goes to work as a Professor at the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and at the same time is the owner of monetized websites such as leagle.com under a fake name and address and plainsite.org. Both of these monetized websites are dedicated to destroying people’s careers and reputations so these Bastards can make some easy money

    Aaron Greenspan is a Hacker and should be placed in a Psychiatric Hospital and not allowed to go near a computer or smart device, or anybody’s private business. This individual is completely insane!

    1. Dr. Neil Greenspan Judy Greenspan keene were on TV past week playing the victim again. Click to 2:22 mark.




      Keene Promotions Inc
      20560 Shelburne Road
      Shaker Heights, OH 44122
      (216) 932-1989

    2. Aaron Greenspan is crazy for thinking he invented Facebook. The loser was so dumb behind the idea for facecash. Now Neil Greenspan and Aaron Jacob Greenspan and judith Greenspan keene have the website plainsite because they are aholes. The only normal one in the Greenspan family is simon Greenspan who is autistic.


      Do not let this little coward threaten, intimidate or harass this website. Aaron Greenspan will not be able to do anything and all of his cases get thrown out in US Courts. This nut never hires Attorneys. In case he sends a return address or any other contact information, then please make this public so we can be able to communicate with this individual, as we will be taking this sob to Court. This a*****e is also associated with leagle.com.

      Please, just do the exact same thing that this b*****d does to everyone, which is if he calls you to remove something just hang up and if sends you emails to remove something with threats and intimidation just delete his emails and do not even answer him. If Aaron Greenspan gets really nasty and aggressive then just tell him to take you guys to court because you are in the UK and he has no jurisidiction over your website. There is absolutely nothing Aaron Jacob Greenspan aka “Sociopath” can do about it.

      The following is what Aaron Greenspan wrote online about people wanting to remove things from his monetized website and he specifically states that nobody overseas can do anything against him to remove something. The US Courts already area aware that this individual is a very sick in the head person. Also, we have made many US Agencies aware of Aaron Greenspan’s hacking in to State and Federal databases and that he has uploaded Sealed and highly sensitive legal documents on to his monetized website plainsite.org that are not supposed to be made public. Aaron Greenspan is nothing more than a Sociopathic Con Artist who suffers from Delusions of Grandeur. So do not let Aaron Greenspan intimidate or threaten your website to remove anything. There is absolutely nothing at all that Aaron Greenspan can do about it. This is also how he responds to people who ask him to remove things from plainsite.org.

      The Internet Court is Now In Session
      How the “right to be forgotten” looks on this side of the Atlantic.

      October 12, 2014

      Topics = { Judges + Judges + Privacy + Privacy + Right to Be Forgotten + Right to Be Forgotten }
      At the moment, there are 107 messages in the inbox.

      It’s not my personal inbox, because I make a concerted effort to keep this mailbox separate. The mailbox in question belongs to PlainSite, a legal information service I started as a side-project three years ago to help explain the 2008 financial crisis. On average, PlainSite receives between five and twenty requests on a daily basis from assorted internet strangers I have never met or heard of.

      Some of the strangers who send in requests are polite. Some are most certainly not. More than a few are colorful characters. A small minority are lawyers or search engine optimization workers operating on behalf of law firms. All have been caught up in a paradigm shift that they do not understand, and that no one will fully explain to them. None seem to understand the position that I am in, because until a few years ago, I’m fairly certain that no one had really been in it before.

      It comes down to this: I am now a judge. I was not elected, nor was I appointed, nor am I strictly a volunteer. I am not a lawyer, and I do not have a J.D., though I did spend some months at a law school. I have no legally binding power. Nonetheless, it seems very clear that I am filling a judicial role, and what’s more, to a certain extent, the internet is my court. The vast majority of “motions” filed read about as clearly and contain roughly as much insight as YouTube comments. Most don’t even reference a particular case number or name; forcing the requestor to choose a case on the PlainSite Contact Us page often results in wildly incorrect information.

      Like the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which decides upon matters only related to patents, the pseudo-court I run is a specialized kind of court with a narrow purpose (and no actual authority). My court exists to evaluate privacy requests for a single private web site. At this point, every type of person ranging from poor minorities to rich executive vice-presidents has sent in a request at one point or another asking to have their particular case removed from PlainSite, and preferably according to many requests, if I can manage it, “the internet.”

      From these requests, one quickly discerns that the average person’s understanding of the legal system is astoundingly lacking. On top of that, few understand how databases work. Many suspect that their cases appeared on-line as the result of some sort of foul play. I have been accused by a requestor in Florida of falling under the spell of a Haitian witch, on account of PlainSite hosting a case, and then my responding to the request about it. “This is simple and you need to control yourself and not let a Haitian witch with diabetes do witchcraft to put words in your mouth and tell you what to email me. I live in Florida and you live in California, this has no purpose for you,” the requestor wrote. Of course, I have also been threatened countless times with lawsuits for defamation, even on occasion by lawyers, who eventually realize that a defamation lawsuit based on court records would effectively stop right at the courthouse door.

      It’s an understandable desire not to have one’s name in the spotlight for being tied up in litigation. I myself have my name associated with a number of lawsuits, so it’s an issue I’ve spent some time considering. While I am perfectly comfortable being known for the cases that I have filed, I am also lucky in a number of ways. Excluding counter-claims, I or my company is always the plaintiff. I have nothing I wish to hide. For me, it’s actually in my interest to have information about my cases accessible as widely as possible.

      For the recent college graduate arrested for a DUI on federal land, that is not necessarily true. The same goes for a former bank executive who was accused of fraud twenty years ago, or a private person who managed a disputed trust for a deceased relative. Nor do minority immigrants brave enough to sue their employers over discriminatory employment practices get as much leeway in the job market as white Americans who have been in the United States for generations. These are just a few examples, of course, not including bar fight victims, Department of Homeland Security workers, and a former Commissioner of the NBA.

      Afer doing some research of my own, I realized that there existed very little precedent to guide me in how to make decisions about the various requests coming in. Actual judges evaluating motions to seal rarely cite any detailed reasoning beyond the general principle that case documents are court records in the public domain. For example, in the Ninth Circuit (which covers California and much of the western United States) there’s Foltz v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co., 331 F. 3d 1122 (9th Cir. 2003) (describing “strong presumption in favor of public access” to court records), and then there’s Kamakana v. City & County of Honolulu, 447 F.3d 1172, 1178 (9th Cir. 2006) (“Historically, courts have recognized a ‘general right to inspect and copy public records and documents, including judicial records and documents.’”) But I wanted more than “general;” I wanted specifics.

      The proper way to rule on privacy in some cases seemed obvious: convicted bank robbers and sexual predators should not get to unilaterally prioritize their personal privacy over the real public interest in their crimes. Nor should public officials accused of wrongdoing, and especially police officers. Other situations were less clear. Should a private person who owed another $100,000, but had not declared bankruptcy, be entitled to have her case removed from search engines? How might the decision impact the next person looking to do business with her?

      From the start, I decided not to actually delete information from the PlainSite database without a court order instructing as much. Instead, I decided to instruct search engines such as Google and Bing to suppress links to particular PlainSite pages, even if those cases could still be found by searching PlainSite directly. Eventually, I decided to write up a serious “privacy policy” for PlainSite—not the kind of boilerplate nonsense that most sites have, but one that actually addresses these issues. So far, it’s worked out quite well. One way to measure success in this context is with the following fact: despite its existence in a thicket of legal issues and attorney records, and repeated threats, PlainSite has never actually been sued.

      Celebration would be premature, however.

      In many of these cases, there’s no right answer, and there’s no way to know what the future will bring. There is even something of a global debate over what Europe has deemed the “right to be forgotten,” unsurprisingly stemming from a dispute over debt records in Spain. In the United States, there is no such right, and in fact the First Amendment to the United States Constitution champions the ability of anyone to re-publish anything in the public domain. A few requestors currently residing in Europe have consequently found themselves in the middle of an international legal paradox since PlainSite is based in the United States and is not subject to European Union law, even if Google is when doing business in Europe.

      Requestors who do not get their way are often frustrated at the suggestion that they can still petition their respective judge or court for a motion sealing their case. Much like every court process, the process can be expensive (though a lawyer isn’t necessarily required) and relatively slow. Nonetheless, there is no better solution because even if information is removed from PlainSite, so long as it is still accessible at the root source, it is inevitable that other sites will come along at some point and find it.

      This gets to the real problem: that courts, and the lawyers who are designated as “officers” of courts, do not understand the new, interconnected context in which they operate. Judges seem to believe that court databases such as PACER (on the federal level) will never be freely available. But much of PACER already is open to the public, with more coming on-line every day, and the trend is only going to grow in the direction of transparency, and increasingly quickly at that. What is needed is a radical re-structuring of the way courts evaluate information privacy, and far better education for litigants. Most of the plaintiffs who write into PlainSite are shocked and offended that “their” information has been made public. Few understand the trade-off of privacy for justice, let alone the value of precedent in the legal system, which requires access to information.

      Meanwhile, the requests keep coming in, some reasonable, and some absurd. If I take too long to address them, angry requestors occasionally begin sending e-mail to my personal accounts, or send faxes, or call fifty-six times in a single evening. Once, someone actually appeared at my front door. Now, each request generates an auto-reply informing the requestor that PlainSite has limited staffing and a thirty- to sixty-day backlog.

      As a result, I do not envy judges. I certainly don’t want to be one. Their work is difficult and not particularly rewarding, at least in any direct sense. On the other hand, their stubborn refusal to adopt new technologies clearly results in a far higher workload for themselves—and for other organizations that have sprung up to handle the fallout from their obstuse inability to recognize the digital world in which they function. It would be trivially easy for the courts to automate all kinds of requests. Yet so long as the legal profession thrives on the ineffiency of the status quo, it does not seem likely that such automation will be coming any time soon. And for that reason, the internet will continue to have me and an assortment of other software developers at various legal technology ventures doing the work of government—because for now, nobody else is.


      Add your comment in the box below.
      Web Site
      What is the total when you put 2 and 3 together and add one hundred?
      Lisa Brown (PlainSite.org)
      November 15, 2016 at 4:19 PM EST

      Attn: Aaron Jacob Greenspan CEO of PlainSite.org.
      I just wanted to let you know you are destroying my life by posting my lawsuit on the Internet for the ENTIRE world to see. Some of the information you are posting is also incorrect, as you are stating that my lawsuit was a (Wrongful Termination) BUT it was a (Sexual Harassment) lawsuit.
      You have selectively chosen a small percentage of the lawsuits with the Superior Court of California and are posting private and very personal information. THIS IS HARASSMENT and is preventing me from getting a job!!! Please remove YOUR posting for Case No. BC508193 OR I will be looking forward to seeing you in court. Good day!

      September 14, 2016 at 3:10 PM EDT

      Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. PACER documents are public, on PACER and at the courthouse. But being put on the internet is a different sort of public, having it waived in your face every day.

      With your site making so many people unhappy, why not just shut it down altogether. It is missing so many cases and documents that no one would rely on it anyways. When it comes down to it, you are an arrogant, not nice person for putting all this on the internet. Even if technically you are allowed to. Why not get a real job?

      Diana Endt
      February 22, 2015 at 10:24 PM EST

      My court case involving very personal information was only made public around a year ago because of Plainsite. I was a victim of a crime in 2003 and was harassed and dealt with the ramifications of the assault until 2008. I moved forward from this crime in 2004 and was brought back in after my personal information and identification that was stolen was used again in 2008. I’ve since made sure that my personal information has been kept private in a manner that I’m still able to enjoy the internet as any regular person. Anytime a search brings up a previous address or any information that is directly involved in my still unsolved attack, or i’ve asked the website to delete the information. I’ll never ask any court or official entity to suppress my information because I still want my case to be solved… My question to you is why after multiple pleas for you to remove my personal information after explaining my reasoning have you not only not removed it, but i became your first post to this site when I never meant nor wanted to be. Please respect people who’ve been victim’s of crimes and the other public websites who honer them:)

      March 15, 2016 at 7:19 PM EDT

      have anyone had their infor removed?

      April 25, 2015 at 7:58 PM EDT

      I just read your entire so-called “justification” of having your website. I even reached your father reasoning you to remove my information from your website. It is sadden me that with all education and such great family gene, you are not getting why some people are upset at you. I spoke with you in the most heated manner and you still stated “freedom of speech” and “US-Constitution” as your justification.

      I have written in my email that I have NEVER had any issue with your site keep my information or making it available upon any request (as PACER). My issue with you site is that anybody by going through “CAPTCHA” would access to my information. Those information could be interpreted wrongly (remind you google case “right to be forgotten”). My beef with your website and I have not dropped my avenues to permanently shut you down (disturbing, clearly invading my privacy) about a case that the plaintiff’s intention was to silence me as “whistle blower” pertaining to violation of environmental laws in Texas’s Gulf region. The plaintiff has closed their doors many years ago and presiding judge passed away.

      My request was that after CAPTCHA, there should not be any access to the information unless a written request to be submitted as “PACER” has done. You have arrogantly refused. It seems that you would NOT believe any of your words as you have stated herein.

      Nancy Billings
      January 13, 2017 at 5:35 AM EST

      You’re an absolute jerk. Shame. Shame on you.

      Jill Goldstein
      October 29, 2017 at 11:35 AM EDT

      Under Federal Law you have the obligation to turn over your supposed IRS 501c form 909 to anyone in the public that requests it. I along with other people I have been in contact with have requested this IRS 909 form but your refuse to turn it over as required by Federal Law. Looks like you little SOB you have one set of rules for everyone else and then your create your own set of rules for yourself. You are not transparent at all and hide all of your financial income data under your IRS 501c that you have somehow managed to place under the Think Computer Corporation. You enjoy hiding behind your computer and the First Amendment but you are not complying with Federal IRS 501c law. You need to turn over your income, assets and the salaries you pay to yourself and any Staff. You are being a non-transparent hypocrite and the IRS will be contacting you very soon

    4. http://WWW.plainsite.org is an extortion machine!!! Aaron Greenspan, Dr. Neil S Greenspan (case western reserve university) and Judith Keene Greenspan will not remove any names until you pay $4500.There is no reasoning with these stuck up jerks. They make sure that your name is among the top 5 when googled. People checking on you or your company will see this and automatically be prejudiced against you. This is an unfair business practice. Plainsite.org is run out of
      20560 SHELBURNE ROAD
      44122 Shaker Heights
      SAN FRANCISCO CA 94107
      340 S. LEMON AVENUE #6720
      WALNUT CA 91789. Aaron Greenspan is always trying to hide.
      Beware dealing with crazy Aaron Greenspan and don’t pay it.

  2. Dr. Neil S Greenspan a*****e Professor at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio is the mastermind behind his insane son Aaron Jacob Greenspan’s toys such as leagle.com and plainsite.org. These two guys are two very sick in the head greedy a******s!

  3. Aaron Greenspan is a very sick boy and Judith keene Greenspan keene promotions is a bad mother who gives Aaron to much head.

  4. Faculty Members in Clinical Pathology
    Rose C. Beck, M.D., Ph.D.
    Title Assistant Professor
    Phone 216.844.8253
    Email [email protected]
    Neil Greenspan, M.D., Ph.D.
    Title Professor
    Phone 216.368.1280
    Email [email protected]

    Neil S. Greenspan, MD, PhD
    Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Division of General Medical Sciences
    University Hospitals of Cleveland, Pathology
    [email protected]

    Phone 216.368.1280
    Email [email protected]

      1. Parents are mentally ill and passed those bad genes down to create two monsters for sons. The really mentally deranged one is Aaron Greenspan and not Simon Greenspan who most likely was abused since childhood by this sociopath Aaron Greenspan who’s enabler parents let him loose to destroy people’s lives all across the United States.

  5. Neil s Greenspan you and your family should be ashamed.

    Rose C. Beck, M.D., Ph.D.
    Title Assistant Professor
    Phone 216.844.8253
    Email [email protected]
    Neil Greenspan, M.D., Ph.D.
    Title Professor
    Phone 216.368.1280
    Email [email protected]
    Michael R. Jacobs, M.D., Ph.D
    Title Professor
    Phone 216.844.3484
    Email [email protected]
    Robert Maitta, MD, PhD
    Title Associate Professor
    Phone 216.844.8006
    Email [email protected]
    Howard Meyerson, M.D.
    Title Associate Professor
    Phone 216.844.1848
    Email [email protected]
    Erika M. Moore, M.D
    Title Assistant Professor
    Phone 216.844.5026
    Email [email protected]
    Miguel E. Quinones-Mateu, Ph.D
    Title Associate Professor
    Phone 216.286.4283
    Email [email protected]
    Jamie Noguez, Ph.D., DABCC
    Title Assistant Professor
    Phone 216.844.5007
    Email [email protected]
    Hollie Reeves, D.O
    Title Assistant Professor
    Phone 216.286.6959
    Email [email protected]
    Daniel Rhoads, M.D
    Title Assistant Professor
    Phone 216.844.5223
    Email [email protected]
    Navid Sadri, M.D, Ph.D
    Title Assistant Professor
    Phone 216.286.4286
    Email [email protected]
    Christine Schmotzer, M.D.
    Title Assistant Professor
    Phone 216.844.0399
    Email [email protected]
    Shashirekha Shetty, Ph.D.
    Title Assistant Professor
    Email [email protected]
    David Wald, M.D., Ph.D.
    Title Assistant Professor
    Phone 216.368.5668
    Email [email protected]
    Lan Zhou, M.D
    Title Associate Professor
    Phone 216.368.1671
    Email [email protected]
    Shulin Zhang, M.D, Ph.D
    Title Assistant Professor
    Phone 216.983.1173
    Email [email protected]
    Case Western Reserve University, 10900 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44106 216.368.2000

  6. The Greenspans know their son is disruptive. But he’s not dangerous, they said, and what they don’t understand is how someone’s medical condition can be deemed a criminal nuisance.

    At the core of aaron Greenspan’s problems is a lack of friends, a burning loneliness from years of rejection that literally makes him cry out, his father said.

    Over the years, the neil Greenspan and judy keene have tried to find companions fo aaron Greenspan : but forging lasting bonds has been difficult. Aaron Greenspan inevitably oversteps social boundaries, ruining any chance of sustained friendship. It frustrates the neil and judith Greenspans as much as it does aaron Greenspan. Aaron jacob Greenspan had his 10th mental breakdown after facecash. Aaron Greenspan is just like his brother Simon Greenspan. Both obsessive compulsive disorder to stalk people.

    the top priority with aaron Jacob Greenspan is to help him understand how his actions make other people feel, but that progress is slow. Unlike some people with autism, aaron j Greenspan does not respond well to punishment because he can’t comprehend the notion that his actions have consequences, Dimick said. Aaron Greenspan also works odd jobs at keenepromotions for his ugly mother.

    1. Aaron Greenspan has been under Psychiatric care in Ohio since the age of 16 and he is a really dangerous sociopath who is a well known pathological liar and con artist. His father Neil Greenspan apparently has the same mental illness that he has passed down to his two sons

  7. Aaron Greenspan has hurt so many people who are looking for work or need privacy. he hung up on me a few times and then told me to F off and he will sue me. he cants sue anyone. he has been denied in getting a license to practice law because of this poor ethics.
    Aaron J Greenspan suffers from OCD and is impulsive and ill-tempered. He also is extremely vindictive and enjoys ruining people’s careers and reputations to make some easy money but doesn’t enjoy receiving his own medicine.
    Aaron Greenspan was charged with a FELONY financial crime.

    Aaron Greenspan was charged in connection with a criminal complaint about False Claims Violations and Fraud in United States v. Yurygrenadyor, Case No. 09-CV-7891, although the charges were dismissed. He’s a criminal.

    Look up this case number to download the lawsuit with Aaron Greenspan’s name in it. Aaron Greenspan is a CRIMINAL.

    United States v. Yurygrenadyor
    Case No. 09-CV-7891
    Aaron Jacob Greenspan is a low life slithering parasite just like most likely his ancestors behaved towards people, as they screwed over and do plunder from the good-natured hard working people who do real work. This guy isn’t even a guy. He is a parasite on the backs of society who doesn’t know what real work is and doesn’t get his hands dirty because in his insane mind he thinks he is superior, better and wiser than the rest of the people on this earth. But what he doesn’t see is that he is the lowest form that a human can town to, a person who will sell anyone out for a few bucks and to give himself a medal and some prestige. He is so blinded by his bad behavior that is a hopeless person.
    Aaron Greenspan is a sovereign citizen. he doesn’t pay taxes to the irs!!
    Aaron Greenspan doesn’t pay taxes. he illegally transferred a $250, 000. donation from his profit business “think computer” into his illegal non-profit business and never paid a single cent to the irs. aaron Greenspan doesn’t support our government. he’s anti-government. he’s a bad person. aaron Greenspan is a sovereign citizen. sovereign citizens go to prison for not paying taxes and disrespecting the American government.

    Research Aaron greenspans taxes here http://www.guidestar.org/home.aspx. free membership.
    Aaron Greenspan is a sovereign citizen. he doesn’t pay taxes to the irs and he disrespects our government!!
    Neil s Greenspan and Judi Greenspan know their son Aaron j Greenspan is disruptive and dangerous. they understand Aaron Jacob Greenspan medical condition can be deemed a criminal nuisance.

    At the core of Aaron Greenspan problems is a lack of friends, a burning loneliness from years of rejection that literally makes him cry out.

    Over the years, the Neil Sanford Greenspan have tried to find companions for Aaron j Greenspan, but forging lasting bonds has been difficult. Aaron Jacob Greenspan inevitably oversteps social boundaries, ruining any chance of sustained friendship. It frustrates the Neil s Greenspan and Judy keene Greenspan as much as it does Aaron Greenspan.

    Aaron Greenspan has an obsessive compulsive disorder just like his brother Simon Greenspan.
    There are two owners of the plainsite website. aaron Greenspan and his father dr. aaron Greenspan.
    I hate Aaron Greenspan!!
    I hope Aaron Greenspan dies because of his plain site website and how he posts innocent people’s private lives on his website!!

    Aaron Greenspan and dr. neil Greenspan is the owner of plainsite. they own it together. dr. neil Greenspan is a pathologist and college professor at case western reserve university.

    link to dr. aaron Greenspan’s contact information,

    Dr. Neil Greenspan (owner of plainsite)
    Neil. [email protected] edu
    (216) 368-1280 (o)
    (216) 368-0494 (f)

    The Public has to file complaints against Aaron Greenspan with the FBI’s IC3. FTC and FCC. The sooner the better. Also, with the IRS non-profit division for fraudulently advertising that plainsite.org is under a 501c non-profit called Think Computer Corporation. Aaron Greenspan is also involved with another vicious website called leagle.com. He is working with some guy called Jeffrey Allen Steinport and both of them are together running leagle.com. Both of these people are Hackers!

    Aaron Greenspan and his father Neil S Greenspan the VP and Treasurer of plainsite.org are two very sick Sociopath’s. One has to feel sorry for Aaron Greenspan’s Mother having married total Psychotic Sociopath like Neil S Greenspan and then producing two sons who have issues. The really dangerous Sociopath is Aaron Jacob Greenspan who enjoys going in to the Federal Pacer system where people’s personal legal cases are and then this Sociopath selectively downloads legal cases, then this Sociopath uploads the most harmful information on to his vicious monetized website plainsite.org, in order to intentionally destroy people’s careers, reputations, families and lives.

    Aaron Greenspan is a sick Sociopath who fully enjoys dishing things out to other people, in order to defame, destroy and shame people online but he doesn’t enjoy receiving his own medicine.

    Aaron Greenspan belongs locked up in a Psychiatric Hospital where he was locked up in Cleveland, Ohio for 6 months at the age of 16 and heavily sedated and placed on the medication Haldol. We all knew this in Shaker Heights, Ohio that there was something completely off with this Sociopath Aaron Jacob Greenspan. Just the looks and insane stares that Aaron Jacob Greenspan would give people was like freaky.

    It should be noted that Aaron Jacob Greenspan’s father Neil S Greenspan has that same Psychotic look in his eyes. We can’t believe this guy can even hold a job and if the University where he works found out about all of his IRS tax fraud schemes, psychiatric issues with him and his family and the danger that he poses to students with his Sociopathy we think that his employer would fire him immediately as he should. Nobody should ever hire Neil S Greenspan. He should be locked up on a Psychiatric ward and medicated with Psychiatric drugs for both Neil S Greenspan and Aaron Jacob Greenspan are insane. In any other other country both Neil S Greenspan and Aaron Jacob Greenspan would be placed in a Psychiatric hospital and not allowed to produce any more Sociopathic children who are a danger and a menace to society at large.
    Everybody! Keep filing complaints against Aaron Jacob Greenspan and his father Neil S Greenspan with the following Law Enforcement Agencies until he shuts leagle.com and plainsite.org down and leaves the public alone.

    IRS Referral Forms 13909 for 501c non-profit frauds all over the United States and overseas
    Interpol for Hacking into people’s emails and Servers both in the United States and overseas
    FBI IC3 “Internet Criminal Division” These are online complaints for you to keep paper trails of tall the abuse, harassment, stalking, hacking, shaming, defaming and emotional terrorizing that Aaron Greenspan is doing to the public
    California Attorney General Office, as that’s where this Sociopath lives in California. Keep em’ coming!
    Delaware Attorney General Office that’s where Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Neil S Greenspan and Judith Keene Greenspan have their fraudulent 501c non-profits set up
    FCC and FTC just to have a paper trail on the abuses of this Sociopath Aaron Greenspan
    District Attorney where Aaron Jacob Greenspan lives and our local District Attorney.
    File complaints with you local police and then go to your local Courts and file for Harassment and Restraining Orders and the Courts will then serve Aaron Jacob Greenspan in California. Keep a detailed paper trail with as many complaints as possible with all the Law Enforcement Agencies, in order to prove all the abuse, harassment, stalking, threats, shaming, defaming, emotional terrorizing and much more by this Sociopath.
    Contact the Federal Database Pacer in Texas and make a complaint with Pacer as well. They will give you an email address where you can escalate your complaints to a higher up at Pacer and they are looking in to this Sociopath Aaron Jacob Greenspan. He is insane! Insane in the Membrane!

    There is a person who is getting lots of people together to file a Class Action Lawsuit against Aaron Jacob Greenspan and his father Dr. Neil S Greenspan and mother Judith Keene Greenspan and I just signed up, as we are going to sue for some big money from these people who have been intentionally destroying people’s careers and reputations for many years now, especially with leagle.com and plainsite.org.

    Here is the contact email so that people join up for tis Class Action Lawsuit:
    [email protected]

    Here is other number for Dr. Neil Greenspan a Pathologist in Cleveland and also vp of plainsite.org. 216-844-7494.
    11100 Euclid Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44106
    University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

    > judi keene greenspan
    > think computer foundation
    > 20560 shelburne road
    > shaker heights, oh 44122
    > phone: (216) 932-1989
    >[email protected]

    Assistant Vice President of Media Relations and Communications

    Email: [email protected]

    The following is the personal information for Judith Keene Greenspan, D.O.B. 05/27/1954
    Education: Newton North High School
    20560 Shelburne
    Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    The following is information on Aaron Greenspan’s father Neil S Greenspan.
    Neil S Greenspan MD? NPI Number 1386663938 NPI Number. That’s his medical “National Provider Identifier”, This individual should have his supposed MD license revoked for committing crimes against the public and being highly unethical and immoral.

    Neil S Greenspan MD? NPI Number 1386663938 works at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio,
    24701 Euclid Avenue, 3rd Floor
    Cleveland, Ohio 44117-1714

    Phone: 216.368.4443

    headshot of Case Western Reserve University Media Relations Specialist Colin McEwen
    Colin McEwen
    Senior Media Relations Specialist

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 216.368.4442

    headshot of Case Western Reserve University Media Relations Specialist Daniel Robison
    Daniel Robison
    Assistant Director of Media Relations

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 216.368.6515

    headshot of Case Western Reserve University Media Relations Specialist Mike Scott
    Mike Scott
    Senior Media Relations Specialist

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 216.368.1004

    (216) 932-1989
    Kenne Advertising Inc.
    2056 Shelburne Rd.
    Beachwood, OH 44122-1941
    BBB File Opened: 05/15/2006
    Business Category
    Advertising Specialties
    Judith greenspan
    216-932-1989 (phone 1)
    216-932-8096 (phone 2)

    Judi greenspan home address:
    20560 shelburne
    Shaker heights, oh 44122

    Aaron greenspan: 415-670-9350

    Simon greenspan: 216-406-3073

    Neil sanford greenspan: 216-371-2939

    Neil Greenspan
    Neil Greenspan
    [email protected]
    (216) 368-1280 (o)
    (216) 368-0494 (f)
    Dr. Neil Greenspan received his A.B., magna c*m laude, in Biochemical Sciences from Harvard College in 1975. He then earned M.D. and Ph.D. (Immunology) degrees at the University of Pennsylvania. From 1981 until 1986, Dr. Greenspan was a Resident in Laboratory Medicine (Clinical Pathology) at Barnes Hospital, and from 1982-1985 he was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Molecular Immunology at Washington University, both in St. Louis. In 1986, Dr. Greenspan became a faculty member at the CWRU School of Medicine. He is currently Professor of Pathology at CWRU and the Director of the Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory at University Hospitals Case Medical Center.


    KEYWORDS: Aaron Greenspan, Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Judith Greenspan, Judi Keene Greenspan, Dr. Neil Greenspan, Dr. Neil Sandford Greenspan, Plainsite.Org,

    1. Contact the Santa Clara Superior Court Civil Harassment Office and get a Restraining Order against Aaron Greenspan for continuous emotional abuse, cyber bullying, harassment and stalking.

      Apparently several people have a Restraining Order against Aaron Greenspan at this Court and you don’t have to live in California to get this Restraining Order. You just need to fill out all the paperwork and send it in, then show up for the hearing against Aaron Greenspan.

      Do not even waste your time trying to contact Aaron Greenspan his is insane and a narcissistic nut who thinks he is above the law. Just do things through the legal channels and do it as soon as you can.

      The following is an article from June 18, 2012 that shows that Aaron Greenspan is a full fledged Criminal Hacker.


  8. Neil Sanford Greenspan Neil S. Greenspan, MD,PhD — Case Western Reserve University
    Plainsite.org plainsite facecash

    Keene Promotions, Inc
    20560 Shelburne Rd
    Beachwood, OH 44122

    Contact: Judy Greenspan

    Phone: (216) 932-1989
    Website: http://www.keenepromotions.com

  9. Computer Software / Tagged Aaron Greenspan, Aaron J Greenspan, Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio, Judi Greenspan, Judith Keene Greenspan, Neil S. Greenspan, plainsite.org, Simon Greenspan, Think Computer Corporation

  10. Aaron Greenspan who created, runs and owns with his father Neil S. Greenspan VP and Treasurer of plainsite.org under a fraudulent 501c non-profit called Think Computer Corporation.

    Aaron Greenspan pretends to be this do-gooder by uploading people’s personal and private legal information from Pacer and other databases that he hacks in to. Truth of the matter the one and only goal of this Narcisstic Sociopath is to make easy money for himself. If someone wants to find a legal document they can go to Pacer. Nobody needs a Sociopath like Aaron Greenspan gaining access to Pacer for his selfish and greedy profit making, then lies to the public and tells people that he’s trying to do a good thing. When people all across the USA are losing their jobs, reputations, families and finances because of this one single a*****e Hacker then something is wrong. Aaron Greenspan is mentally sick Sociopath criminal.

    Aaron Greenspan needs to go out and get his lazy a*s out and do some real work for once in his sick life, instead of messing around with the public’s personal information. This nut Aaron Greenspan is fooling the public into having people believe all of his lies that he is doing something good for the public by gaining access to people’s personal and private legal information and then exposing this on the web? This guy belongs inside a Psychiatric Ward on medications and never be allowed to do anything with computers again. Aaron Greenspan is a “Black Hat Hacker”.

    Aaron Greenspan worked closely with Aaron Swartz who was ready to let everyone know about Aaron Greenspan’s Hacking crimes, but Aaron Greenspan snitched first on Aaron Swartz about the MIT data hacking that was about to go down.

    Aaron Greenspan is an extremely dangerous individual. People like Aaron Greenspan should not have any access to the Internet, as he is destroying people’s careers and reputations in an intentional manner.

    Aaron Greenspan is intentionally ruining the careers and reputations of non-jews.

    Aaron Greenspan is singling out non-jews to, in order to completely ruin their careers and reputations online.

    Neil S Greenspan the father of Aaron Greenspan who brought this Sociopath up this way to do these things to people and enables his son Aaron Greenspan to viciously and destroy people’s careers and reputations with their vicious monetized website plainsite.org. Neil S Greenspan should be fired from any job he may have at either a University or anywhere else. Neil S Greenspan is a mentally sick Narcisstic Sociopathic anti-social individual who’s son Aaron Greenspan is the same exact way a mentally sick Narcisstic Socopath anti-social individual. Both Aaron Jacob Greenspan and his father Neil S Greenspan are a danger and a menace to the hard working men and women in the United States.

    Computer Software / Tagged Aaron Greenspan, Aaron J Greenspan, Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio, Judi Greenspan, Judith Keene Greenspan, Neil S. Greenspan, plainsite.org, Simon Greenspan, Think Computer Corporation

  11. Aaron Greenspan, Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Facebook, facecash, Aaron J Greenspan , plainsite, plainsite.org

    1. Aaron Greenspan uses plainsite.org to data mine personal and legal information and then blackmail and extort money from people without reporting this income to the IRS. Plainsite.org needs to be completely shut down and we will never give up until plainsite.org is s**t down.


    Judi Greenspan
    20560 Shelburne Rd.
    Shaker Heights OH

    1. Lol lol lol lol. Judith Keene Greenspan looks like Donald Trump. They have so much money. You think she would get a new face. Holy [email protected] She did get a b**b job. That is nuts.


    Aaron J. Greenspan , Aaron Greenspan aka Aaron Jacob Greenspan plainsite.org / plainsite.org under fraudulent 501c think computer , Aaron J Greenspan,


    Aaron J. Greenspan , Aaron Greenspan aka Aaron Jacob Greenspan plainsite.org / plainsite.org under fraudulent 501c think computer , Aaron J Greenspan,

  14. Aaron Jacob Greenspan created a fraudulent 501c non-profit called “Think Computer Foundation”, filing type “Corporation for non-profit” on October 26, 2000 with entity number 1189731, after it was already a “for profit”, that originally was started up in Cleveland, Ohio on April 29, 1998 with entity number 1000499 and called “Think Computer Corporation” under a filing type of “Corporation for profit”.

    The public can clearly see that the parents of Aaron Greenspan, his father Neil Sanford Greenspan who works at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio and his mother Judith Keene Greenspan have been and are directly involved in this scam from day one. As a matter of fact it looks like Aaron Greenspan’s father Neil Sanford Greenspan initiated this entire non-profit scam, so that his son Aaron Greenspan most likely could have some sort of income, as otherwise who would hire this guy.

    What happened next after Aaron Greenspan along with his parents Neil Sanford Greenspan and Judith Keene Greenspan transferred this entire fraudulent 501c that everyone can see was set up, in order to “help the children”, that’s laughable, and was transferred out of Ohio to the State of Delaware, so in this way they would not have to disclose their monetized websites that they own and operate. By the way everything that Aaron Greenspan and his parents Neil S Greenspan and mother Judith Keene Greenspan is always for “PROFIT”. These individuals are not out to help anyone but themselves to make some easy money with their many monetized websites.

    Aaron Greenspan owns and runs plainsite.org, which is extremely harmful to the public and thousands of Americans are losing their jobs, reputations and livelihoods, because of these criminals being allowed to continue this criminal enterprise.

    The public needs to start filing massive amounts of complaints against these three above mentioned individuals, with the Attorney General’s Offices in Ohio and Delaware, IRS and other State and Federal Agencies.

    We have so many documents at this point proving without a doubt that Aaron Greenspan’s monetized website under his fraudulent 501c called Think Computer is all one big scam, in order to avoid paying taxes to the US Government and the States from where he is operating out of.

    Here is other number for Dr. Neil Greenspan a Pathologist in Cleveland and also vp of plainsite.org. 216-844-7494.
    11100 Euclid Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44106


    Aaron J. Greenspan , Aaron Greenspan aka Aaron Jacob Greenspan plainsite.org / plainsite.org under fraudulent 501c think computer , Aaron J Greenspan,


    Aaron J. Greenspan , Aaron Greenspan aka Aaron Jacob Greenspan plainsite.org / plainsite.org under fraudulent 501c think computer , Aaron J Greenspan,

  15. AaronGreenspan , Aaron J. Greenspan, aaronjgreenspan, Aaron Greenspan, judith keene Greenspan, Neil s. Greenspan, Neil s Greenspan, Neil Greenspan

  16. Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Aaron Greenspan, AaronGreenspan , [email protected], neil S. Greenspan, case western reserve university, Aaron j Greenspan, neil S. Greenspan , Simon Greenspan, simomgreenspan, plainsite plainsite.org Aaron Greenspan

  17. Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Aaron Greenspan, AaronGreenspan , [email protected], neil S. Greenspan, case western reserve university, Aaron j Greenspan, neil S. Greenspan , Simon Greenspan, simomgreenspan, plainsite plainsite.org Aaron Greenspan , case.edu , Facebook, facecash

  18. Holy Cow, I just Googled Aaron Greenspan and came across this blog and a hundreds of images. In addition, words associations such as Stalker, Harassment, Hacker and dupped investors. It was just last week where I found sensitive information online about my life and I reach out to plainsite.org. Aaron Greenspan responded and said he won’t remove the data from his site. I spent the last hour researching Aaron Greenspan and the images are horrifying. His family is ugly and his father Neil is a rich doctor. Does he really have aids? Is that why is he angry. Is he really autistic like in the movie rainman?

    1. Go to your local police station and file a complaint against Aaron Greenspan. You can get a Restraining Order against Aaron Greenspan in California and you don’t have to live there. Several people from what we found out already have Restraining Orders against Aaron Greenspan in California for all the harassment, stalking and trying to extort $4,500 for each URL removal that has posted online using his extortion website plainsite.org. Make no mistake Aaron Greenspan is a Criminal Hacker who tries to get money by using Extortion and Blackmail.

  19. Aaron Greenspan must really HATE his mother to allow these posts to continue. All Aaron Greenspan had to do was remove a few cases from his website. Aaron Greenspan harasses people through his website plainsite.org.

    1. True! All Aaron Greenspan has to do is remove requested legal documents from his criminal and fraudulent 501(c)(3) monetized website.org plainsite.org but he stubbornly refuses because he enjoys being a Judge over people.

      When is a Judge going to Judge Aaron Greenspan?

  20. Aaron j Greenspan wrote a book about growing up with a autistic brother. AaronGreenspan should write the book over about himself being autistic.

    1. ROFL. That’s funny!! I think Aaron Greenspan looks like he could be mildly autistic. He does weird things that only an autistic person would do. Aaron Greenspan acts strange.

  21. Judi Greenspan gave birth to Aaron ‘Hitler’ Greenspan. Hitler made people suffer and Aaron J Greenspan is doing the same by preventing people to get jobs in order to feed their families .

    Aaron Greenspan Think plainsite.org plainsite

    Neil Sanford Greenspan
    Neil Greensapn
    Shaker Heights, OH
    Beachwood, OH
    Cleveland, OH
    Aaron J Greenspan
    Judith Keene Greenspan
    Simon K Greenspan

    Keene Promotions, Inc. | 450 lexington street, newton, MA 2466 | Phone: 800-Keene24 | Fax: 617-243-0202 | Email: [email protected].

    Keene Promotions, Inc
    20560 Shelburne Rd
    Beachwood, OH 44122

    Contact: Judy Greenspan
    Title: Manager
    Phone: (216) 932-1989
    Website: http://www.keenepromotions.com

  22. How the f#ck does Judi Greenspan make almost a million a year under the fraudulent charity named Think Foundation. Dude Arron Greenspan, I don’t even care if you do shut down plainsite.org. it will be so worth it seeing Greenspan’s in jail. Go ahead , call me a liar. We both know it can be easily proven.

  23. Neil Greenspan may also go by the names Neil S Dr Greenspan, Neil Greenspan, Neil Greensapn, N Greenspan, Neil Sanford Greenspan, and 1 more.

    Neil Greenspan is related to Judith Keene Greenspan, Aaron J Greenspan, Keene Greenspan Simon, Simon K Greenspan.

  24. Hi so my name came up in your system and my ex husband who put my information up has a restraining order. I ask you remove my name or I will file a law suit against your company this man has criminal order he posted this to keep under his control his name is Anthony Escobedo and he is from valkehobhe has two restraining orders against him. He beat me raped me and stole from me he is favored by prison I have proof and ask you to remove my name the authority have been contacted he goes by Juan Martinez mike jones tony Montana he the one who cheated and lied he a meth user who hates women

  25. File complaints directly at the Santa Clara Superior Court against Aaron Jacob Greenspan. Its pretty easy. Just go on to the Santa Clara Superior Court website and file the Restraining, Harassment, Defamation and any other court charges against this individual. You can ask for a telephone conference if you are not in California.

  26. Asron Jacob Greenspan has abRestrainjng Order against him at the Santa Clara Superior Court in California.

    I will be filing a Restraining Order againste this Stalker and Abuser as well.

    You can live anywhere in the USA and file this Restraining Order.

  27. Reading the previous post about Aaron J Greenspan it motivated myself to post another scam the Greenspan’s had concocted. Apparently Simon Greenspan was a resident at the Northwest Ohio Developmental Center in South Toledo and lost his digital camera.

    The article states “Mr. Greenspan – an individual with autism who is high functioning, and who also has obsessive compulsive disorder – hopes someone who found the camera will return it.”

    “He is one of about 160 residential clients at the Toledo center, most of whom are diagnosed with severe mental retardation, said Aaron Powell, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.
    e is in the Toledo area, two hours away from his family in Shaker Heights, Ohio, for behavioral therapy.”

    I’m curious to know if Aaron J Greenspan is also diagnosed with the same medical condition as Simon Greenspan. Aaron Jacob Greenspan does seem to have some form retardation but I digress. THIS WOULD BE A GREAT QUESTION WHEN AARON GREENSPAN FACES ANYONE IN COURT. Of course Aaron J Greenspan is a
    pathological liar psychopath and will say no. This will also show the judge the Aaron Greenspan has zero credibility.

    Apparently Judi Greenspan and Neil Sanford Greenspan felt that the facility was at fault and should replace the 2 year old camera with a brand new one. Let’s not forget, Judi Greenspan owns Keene Promotions and Dr. Neil Greenspan is a professor at Case Western Reserve University. Greenspan’s are very affluent and felt it was a a matter of principle. The very next day Simon Greenspan gets a new camera handed to him by a hockey player. Greenspan family know how to lie and cheat and ofcourse pretend they are the victim.



  28. Aaron Greenspan is using the alias “John Fuenchem” to harass all the people who run courtlistener.com, as courtlistenr.com is where Aaron Greenspan downloads his legal documents from and he is so crazy jealous that he wants to control how things are done at courtlistener.com and has harassed and stalked the entire Board Members of court listener.com and is relentless in his harassment, stalking and slandering techniques. The good news is that since Aaron Greenspan always refuses to speak by phone to anyone at court listener.com and has answered emails with his John Fuenchem account using the same exact way of writing that Aaron Greenspan uses and this resulted in the people from coutlistener.com finding out that this persona or fake identity is the one and only crazy Aaron Greenspan.

    Aaron Greenspan also uses a fake account and user name “bcboncs” on Reddit.com that he uses to harass, stalk and troll people that he is jealous of. This guy is extremely sick.

    Aaron Greenspan hacks in to people’s and company emails, Servers and much more like people’s phones to spy on them.

    Why hasn’t this guy been detained for all this hacking?
    This is what people would like to know.

  29. Aaron Greenspan is the alias John Fuenchem who goes around harassing and stalling the Board Members of The Free Law Project.

    Aaron Greenspan thinks in his insane brain that he is normal but he is so far gone and insane that there is no cure for Aaron Greenspan, as he is completely insane.

  30. Diego Masmarques, a convicted murderer and rapist, is the poster of this defamatory, libelous piece on Aaron Greenspan and his family, He’s been consistently harassing Greenspan and his folks webwide by posting vicious lies and fabrications about them. On October 9th this year, he’s been served with a restraining order, which he’s violated numerous times by his cyberbullying of them. Don’t believe a word of what this nutcase says. This insane lunatic is a pathological liar and has been known to make up untrue claims. All are just a figment of this distorted mind.

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  32. Aaron Greenspan is a mentally deranged homosexual. He has no friends, people know he is mentally deranged but they are afraid of this psycho because he will harass, stalk, threaten and do lots of doxxing to his victims.
    Aaron Greenspan uses his data mining monetized sick website plainsite to blackmail, extort, harass, stalk, threaten, spy and do lots of doxxing on his many victims.
    Aaron Greenspan is cursed and will end up in a psychiatric institution for the mentally disturbed, anti-social and dangerous.

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