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Aaron Greenspan an angry violent mental patient living in our society Fraudulent Websites

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Date: 12:11 am

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Henry Finkelstein
October 20, 2021 – 2:00 am

Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Simon Keene Greenspan, Parents Neil Sanford Greenspan and Judith Keene Greenspan suffer from being bipolar and schizophrenia and they are dangerous and should not be approached.

Aaron Greenspan has consistently been slandering and defaming people all over the web and and he enjoys destroying people’s reputations. That’s how this Greenspan gets their kicks, by destroying people using and their many gripe sites.

Much of Aaron Greenspan’s lies are actually what Aaron Greenspan does himself, as he projects hiss mentally ill sick thoughts on to others that only he is responsible for.

Aaron Greenspan is a major criminal and hasviolated the terms of the many restraining orders served to him at various California and Ohio courts.

Aaron Greenspan is a gay pervert who lives with his other gay pervert Eric Steven Teasley in San Francisco and he constantly stalks his prey, by fabricating perverted postings of gay pornographic content, which Aaron Greenspan is an expert on, as he is also a malicious hacker.

The boyfriend of Aaron Greenspan, Eric Steven Teasley who live at 956 Caroline Street, San Francisco, California 94107 is directly involved of doxxing, harassing and stalking thousands of people using and doing lots data mining to make money to pay their rent, utilities, food and all other expenses, while they get thousands of people to loose their jobs and reputations
Don’t believe whatever bullshit this insane, bipolar, schizophrenic, serial harassing, psychopathic cyber stalking crackhead gay pervert Aaron Greenspan spews out because he belongs in a mental hospital. and is a monetized data mining cyberstalking and IP Address Harvesting website owned and run by Aaron Greenspan

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Cheater Details

First Name: Aaron
Middle Name: Greenspan
Last Name: an angry violent mental patient living in our society
Category: Fraudulent Websites


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