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Aaron Brown, El Paso, Texas Cheaters

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Date: 12:10 am

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He’s a shady s**t bag. He goes from girl to girl, and now on his second marriage, at 22 years old after JUST being divorced. He constantly texts his exes sending c*ck pics and whatever else is hard. All the while he’s got a girlfriend/fiance. He seems like hes the perfect guy but don’t let his pretty face and charm fool you. He gets around! He hooks up with married women. I think its a fetish of his. He wants to have babies with everyone and their mamas.
Oh! and did i mention hes a Marine reject, so he had to joinn the Army. Oh! and if you have a Facebook, you should check him out.

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First Name: Aaron
Middle Name: Brown,
Last Name: El Paso, Texas
Category: Cheaters


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