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917-657-8495 | | Alexandria, Virginia Cheaters

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He didn’t show up for his appointment. Then he called me an hour and a half later, and asked me to travel to his place in Alexandria. I went there and we started our session. All was good, until he suddenly became worried his roommate was going to come home. He asked if we could go back to my place. I told him by the time we got there an hour would already be up, and asked him if he wanted an additional hour or more. He said he did, and followed me in his car to my place. When I arrived but he didn’t, I called – he told me he realized he had left his wallet back home. He never did come back to my place. Afterwards, he would hang up the phone when I called him, and of course never did pay for the session. A complete waste of my time.

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First Name: 917-657-8495
Middle Name: |
Last Name: | Alexandria, Virginia
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