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832-496-3129 | | Andre Granello | | No Show Escort Abusers

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Date: 4:54 pm

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This person find me at, he send me an emails, I ask him for info for a screening process, he wasnt have a providers references and finally I make the screening with his email and his phone. My client told me to see him at 1am i was on time at Bellagio and he call me to wait a 45min because he was busy with friends. I waiting for him 1 hour and never showing off I try to call him to know if I need to wait for him more but he never answer. I lost 2 hours of my time. This guy deserve being in the black list.

Andre Granello
[email protected]

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First Name: 832-496-3129
Middle Name: |
Last Name: | Andre Granello | | No Show
Category: Escort Abusers


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