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612-850-6671 | | Thomas E Oatess | | DO NOT SEE! Escort Abusers

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basically met him for the first time tried to get me to move in with him very aggressive he wasnt gentle with his toys and forced them in i had to go to hospital because he punctured intestine with a slink its pink and center has hard pointed plastic in it he then has gotten people on rent men to lure me at a hotel to do who knows what. he prys to get info out of you if you dont tell him he threatens you to hire PIs and had issues with him ever since he gave me rate and more as gift then says i stole it from him he thinks he is in some type of fantasy relationship threatens you with revenge and other scare tactics if you come across him stay away far away

Thomas E Oatess Thomas Datess, Eugene Datess, Eugene Oatess
9451 Villa Woods Ln, Unit 193,

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First Name: 612-850-6671
Middle Name: |
Last Name: | Thomas E Oatess | | DO NOT SEE!
Category: Escort Abusers


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