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612-412-4406 | | Fake Sugar Daddy Escort Abusers

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Often makes promises for long term contracts. Always looking for a submissive to hypnotize. Often requires an audition first, and will provide fake statements and his LinkedIn profile for verification that hes rich. None of which is true. Has many handles and emails, but his MO is the same- seeking submissive, claims to be a Dom or, promises large amounts of cash, wants to hypnotize you to be an emotionless bimbo s*x slave. He disputes ALL charges through his bank after the transaction, costing his victims chargebacks. He is currently on trial for felony domestic assault by strangulation, and has two prior convictions of the same from 2011/2012

Adam Drake hypnosis Dom
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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First Name: 612-412-4406
Middle Name: |
Last Name: | Fake Sugar Daddy
Category: Escort Abusers


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